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Trade has exploded over the last two decades, transforming the way we do business and the makeup of the global economy. Every country has exchange rates, tariffs, trade agreements, and specific trade deals that benefit certain partners over others. That is why EximPedia offers data for 100+ different countries across the globe. Find the trustworthy importers and buyers that are relevant to your business. Find the potential clients with the highest return on investment. Utilize a thorough marketing strategy built on precise Import Data to outperform your rivals. Read More



Maintaining country datasets related to trade shipments and their associated costs is critical to your growth as an export business. You want to build relationships with buyers in locations that have the lowest cost expenditure and open shipping lanes, especially during this time when many countries have practically come to a standstill at major ports. That is why EximPedia offers Export data for 100+ different countries across the globe. Find the trustworthy exporters that are relevant to your business. Search the potential clients with the highest return on investment. Read More


Our revolutionary application is essential to any logistics company hoping to make a dent in the current world market. A good logistics provider will need frequent updates with live datasets that provide trade-rich analytics. EximPedia allows your logistic team to swiftly collaborate by sharing your workspace and one-click shipment purchases. We offer precision filtered trade data categorized into analytical collections designed to meet your specific profile and business presence. Get the full information on importers and exporters that fit your target market. Read More

International Consultancies

International Consultancies

One of the best ways to improve your international consulting firm is to monitor the flow of goods across international borders. EximPedia active datasets provide your organization with a window into the socioeconomic and geopolitical changes occurring in real-time before they hit the newsstands and social media posts of tomorrow's financial news section. Analyse the global trade markets based on the data specifications such as HSN Code, along with importing and exporting companies and Empower your market research through our intelligence platform. Read More

Financial Institutions

Gain the in-depth insights into the global financial market. EximPedia provides 360 degree overview of the global financial market through our data driven dashboard. Moreover, Export Import Data can help solidify your evaluations of supply chain management, credit/borrowing risk, and sustainable growth in various industries that can then be interpreted by your financial experts and create your financial portfolio and growing list of clients. Our financial reports help you analyse the latest market trends, calculate risk and identify best investment opportunities. Read More

Financial Institutions

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