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EximPedia is an Export Import data driven dashboard of 100+ countries with multiple analysis reports. You can empower your exim business by using our services. Eximpedia helps businesses to improve their international business by providing Import Export data of global countries. Our online dashboard offers direct access to the data of importers and exporters. We keep the data updated regularly with all the updated information, recent market details.
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How Eximpedia Empowers Your Export-Import Business?

Eximpedia is not just a data platform; it's a trusted partner in your export-import journey. Our easy-to-use dashboard visualizes real-time trade data of over 100 + countries. Identify key buyers and suppliers, discover trending products, monitor shipment records and analyze competitive markets with a single subscription.


Get exporter and importer details with region-wise insights. We regularly update monthly reports to keep you updated on the latest trends.

What We Provide?

Import Export Data Provider
Analytical Report of Exports and Imports
Eximpedia is the most entrusted import export data provider that aspires to deliver accurate, reasonable import and export data that may be valuable in luring awareness among target markets and potential buyers through consultants and advisors. We provide comprehensive services, from trade statistics to answers for further business development and evolution needs in global trade and customs. As statistical study experts, we give consumers focused competitive intelligence reports from more than 100+ Countries ReadMore
Advanced Market Research Dashboard
Eximpedia export import data provides a creative strategy for information that helps you to make further business development and evolution with leading confidence. Our entire resource management team provides advanced and universal data from all locations globally that entrust your decision-making with crucial understandings and knowledge. Export import data help your firm to operate successfully and smoothly through the intricacies of export and import trade ReadMore
Enhance your market research with export import data


We have Import Export Data Bank for buyer and seller discovery and analysis dashboard for exporters and manufacturers.

Unique Dashboard
Unique Dashboard
20 Types of Unique Dashboards with chosen inputs workspace can help you to identify the actual path of your business and growth.
Time Management
Time Management
Ready to use reports and analytics will not only save your time but also your prestigious energy.
Top Customers & Suppliers
Top Customers & Suppliers
Discover new opportunities by seeing who does business with your peers or competitors.
Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis
Use our online dashboard to analyze trade lanes or identify which companies have the riskiest supply chains.
Live Screen Support
Live Screen Support
Get instant and on screen assistance on your workspace from a professional business analyst. Analyze your Import Export Database and Searches configured in second’s right in front of you.
Market Report
Market Report
Generate your reports on the basis of Market trend, Price, Volume, supply and Sales and find an immense effect in smart business decisions.

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Competitiveness with Import Export Data

Competitiveness with Import Export Data

The degree of competitiveness in the foreign commerce business is growing every day. This may be inferred from the fact that current import and export businesses are utilizing appropriate services and solutions that can assist them in outperforming their competition. Our global trade database includes market analysis reports, obtaining company information, and analyzing of competition performance are just a few of the primary services or solutions available in this regard. Also, Gaining access to export-import trade data can significantly boost your business and take it to new heights.
Harnessing the Power of Import-Export Data Bank

Harnessing the Power of Import-Export Data Bank

Export-Import Data bank providers aim to provide authentic, useful import and export data that may be advantageous in terms of attracting attention among target markets and potential consumers through advisory and consultancy. Not only seasoned businesses, but even newcomers to the trade industry, may benefit from the expertise our custom data services. We offer a wide range of services, from international import and export statistics to solutions for various business growth and development needs in international trade and commerce.

Boost revenue with our global dashboard Insights

Boost revenue with our global dashboard Insights

Eximpedia emerges as an essential source of information in the dynamic realm of cross-border trade and enhances potential sales with our exclusive market reports. Our comprehensive global trade data dashboard gives you access to a wealth of import and export data from over 100 countries. With our easy-to-use dashboard, you can track trade trends and HS Codes, analyze product demand, and identify potential customers, suppliers, etc. With the help of a real-time data-driven dashboard, you can grow your revenue and grow your business in the international market.

Precision Assurance by Eximpedia Experts

Precision Assurance by Eximpedia Experts

Eximpedia's team of highly experienced researchers, experts, and data scientists takes the utmost care in conducting their research. We continuously update export import data with the latest technological advancements to ensure that you have access to the most accurate and reliable information possible. Trust Eximpedia to guide you in the intricate world of import-export dynamics. Our experts take the time to understand your requirements and objectives before we begin our research. We then draw out appropriate solutions and provide you with the most authentic and updated market statistics with the help of our trade database.

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How Eximpedia helps you find opportunities in Global Trade

Explore your competitor's suppliers

You can use our shipment records to monitor your present competitors and spot emerging companies in the market. Find out who they are sourcing from and how much they are exporting.

Solution for different Industry 
Some of the key attributes that make our services stand out from others are:

Trade has exploded over the last two decades, transforming the way we do business and the makeup of the global economy. Every country has exchange rates, tariffs, trade agreements, and specific trade deals that benefit certain partners over others. This includes some of the most prominent players like Russia, China, and the United States. That is why Eximpedia offers data for 78 different countries across the globe.

Logistics companies

Our revolutionary application is essential to any logistics company hoping to make a dent in the current world market. A good logistics provider will need frequent updates with live datasets that provide trade-rich analytics. They have high demands on their time by multinational corporations requiring efficiencies that are often challenging to maintain, especially in a post-covid era world.

Financial Institution

Watching the movement of goods across international borders is a sure way to predict the value of currencies actively traded on stock exchanges and markets in all countries. Moreover, this data can help solidify your evaluations of supply chain management, credit/borrowing risk, and sustainable growth in various industries that can then be interpreted by your financial experts.

Consultant Firm

One of the best ways to improve your international consulting firm is to monitor the ebb and flow of goods being activity traded across international borders. Our active datasets provide your organization with a window into the socioeconomic and geopolitical changes occurring in real-time before they hit the newsstands and social media posts of tomorrow's financial news section.

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