Global Trade Data of
over 100+ countries

Global trade data is a powerful metric that can help businesses of all sizes track the flow of goods and international trade worldwide. Through our global trade database, you can identify new markets, track competitors, importer names, exporter names, product descriptions, quantities, values, HS codes, shipment records, etc., and make informed business decisions. Explore international trade imports and exports data with the strong Exim Intelligence App.

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How Eximpedia Dashboard Help Businesses in the Global Market?

Eximpedia is an exclusive dashboard with 20+ unique features, including customizable reports, multiple user profiles, millions of shipment records, active buyers and suppliers, monitoring trending products, competitors, HS-Codes, and many more, of over 100+ countries.

How Data Helps Businesses in Global Trading?


EximPedia is an Export Import data driven dashboard of 100+ countries with multiple analysis reports. You can empower your Exim business by using our Online Import Export Data Dashboard of All Countries. We have all your needed reports and analysis in sharp visualization. EximPedia helps businesses to improve their international business by providing World Trade Data by HS Code and Import Export Data Worldwide. We keep the data updated regularly with all the updated information, recent market details.

We have all your needed Global Trade Statistics in sharp visualization.

Export Import Data Report Includes

Explore global Import and export data of 100+ countries, including importer and exporter names, date of shipment, quantity, product descriptions, value, HS codes, mode of transportation, and competitor data.

  • Date
  • Importer Address
  • Destination Port
  • Quantity
  • Exporters Name
  • Importers Name
  • Exporter Address
  • Product Details
  • Value
  • Weight
  • Quantity
  • Country of Origin
  • Exporters Name
  • Origin Port
  • HS Codes
  • Competitors Data
  • Country of Destination
  • Mode of Transportation

Take smart decision through Global data dashboard

Eximpedia is enjoying all accessible data sourcing across the globe to optimize your business enhancing abilities. Our value added service will empower you in taking new strategic decisions. Eximpedia is currently tracking shipments from areas like:

Our Global Trade Data provides you

28 Exclusive Country base

58 Countries Bill of lading data

100+Countries statical data

30 Types of dashboard

5 Years base back-up

Comprehensive Trade Data Coverage

Eximpedia has the leading coverage map providing up-to-date critical import/export data with graphical reporting for our clients. We place a high value on consistently meeting the growing demand for logistics information, so your investment and capabilities are always fully optimized.

Please reach out to our expert support staff if there is a specific region you would like to see us cover that is not already being observed by our advanced system.

Eximpedia follows all EXIM trade policies relative to the origin and destination of the recorded shipments.

How We Help Your Business Grow?



EximPedia offers Global Trade Growth Data from over 100+ countries across the global economy, including prominent players like Russia, China, Germany, and the United States.

Data Insights

Data Insights

Our system capabilities allow you to discover critical opportunities, whether importing from overseas or finding quality suppliers. We leverage recent shipping records to reveal high-value products lines and export volumes.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Having a clean and clear reporting system means you can keep one eye on your competition at all times by judging their shipping records to see what their current workflows and schedules are accommodating.

Trending and Future Prospects

Trending and Future Prospects

Our coverage area allows us to predict those items with the highest buying/selling value and what companies are being utilized to entrust with such valuable commodities.


Why Choose Us?

We at EximPedia apply the latest techniques to provide the right and accurate information on exports and imports. Our Company also helps you to make your export and import business more profitable.

Discover a unique marketplace for your import-export trade business with our analytically developed global import export database. Locate new, potential & active buyers and suppliers for your import-export trade business with our smartly developed tools and data.

We closely monitor the performance of your products in the global trade markets with the assistance of our latest and smartly developed tools and keep track of the market competition.ReadMore



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