Explore Red Chilli Exports From India: List of Major Red Chilli Exporters

Updated: 03-May-2024
Explore Red Chilli Exports From India: List of Major Red Chilli Exporters

Key Highlights

  • India is the biggest exporter and producer of red chillies worldwide.

  • Andhra Pradesh is the country's top producer of chillies, accounting for 44% of all Indian production.

  • Based on red chilli export data, India exported 4,02,922 metric tons of red chillies in 2020–21.

  • As per red chilli import data, the top countries that import red chillies are Vietnam, the United States, China, Australia, Canada, etc.

  • The top dry red chilli HS Codes come under 0904, 09042110, 

  • India exports the three main red chilli cultivars: Teja S17, Kashmiri, and Byadgi.

  • Red chilli exporters and importers can access the most recent international trade statistics and insights with Eximpedia.app.

Did you know? India, the home of spices, is the world's largest producer of red chillies. We all know how spice-rich their food is, so this is hardly surprising. Furthermore, India is the biggest consumer and exporter of this spice worldwide, which is why red chilli exports from India are growing rapidly.

Also, India's principal markets for dried red chilli stock include those in Guntur, Warangal, Byadgi, Khammam, and Madhya Pradesh. India has a huge variety of especially unique types of chiles. However, finding the ideal markets for red chilli exports is a tremendous responsibility that comes along with outstanding production! In this blog post, we will explore the top nations with a strong desire for Indian red chillies. We will inform you about red chilli exporters in India, the list of red chilli exports from India, red chilli export data, and much more.

What is the origin of red chillies in India?

Indian food is frequently regarded as lacking something when it doesn't contain enough chiles. No cuisine can match the flavours and spices that chilies add to any dish. However, did you realize that India is not where chillies originated? Furthermore, India is currently among the world's top producers of chilli! 

Indians utilized black and long pepper, among other spices, for heat before chiles arrived. However, chiles gained popularity swiftly and are now one of the world's top manufacturers of dry red chillies in Indian cuisine.

Also, India has the top spot in the world for producing chillies, with Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Ethiopia, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Myanmar, Ghana, and Pakistan following suit. 

Now, delve into some interesting facts and figures about Red chilli!

Facts and Figures

  • Chillies are planted on about 7,92,000 hectares of land across the nation. 

  • Typically, chillies are farmed in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. 

  • Over 13,76,000 million metric tons of red chillies are produced annually in India. Even if they eventually take on different shapes, about 22% come from dry chillies.

  • Around 70% of chillies are consumed domestically. However, just thirty percent are exported.

Explore the Top Haldi Exporters in India

Which states produce red chilli in India?

The largest producer, consumer, and exporter of chiles worldwide is India. The colour and degree of spiciness of Indian chilli are two significant commercial attributes that make them famous worldwide. While red chillies are grown in several Indian states, Andhra Pradesh is the clear leader in the production of chiles. 

Also, the year 2024 will account for an astounding 44% of the country's output. Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are also significant producers of chillies.

Let's explore the Chilli exports from India!

Red Chilli Exports from India: 2023-24

Vietnam and India are the world's two largest exporters in terms of volume, making up 73% of all exports. Minor players, such as Mexico or Sri Lanka, can maintain higher export quantities despite lower production levels.

  • As per red chilli export data, India exported 4,02,922 metric tons of chillies in 2020–21, worth Rs 5,784 crore.

  • Red chilli exports from India were recorded at 28,732 MT, down 11.16% from the previous month, according to the most recent red chilli export data for 2023–24. 

  • Red chilli exports for the current year, from January to August 2023, are estimated to be around 352,146 MT, up 32.43% over the same period last year when they were 265,907 MT.

  • As per red chilli export data, India is the world's top red chilli exporter, with the majority of its exports going to the US, the UK, and Canada.

  • China comes in third with 25 red chilli spice shipments; the top 3 red chilli exporters are India with 2,205 shipments, Pakistan with 43, and China with 45 shipments.

Types of Chilli Exports from India

The following are some of the main varieties of Red Chilli Exports from India:

  • Byadgi Chilli

  • Red Chilli

  • Kashmiri chilli

  • Byadgi

  • Chilli

  • Teja

  • Teja S17

  • Wrinkle 273

  • Guntur Chilli

  • Sannam Chilli

Some of India's best-known red chilli cultivars are on the list. They have a variety of flavours and heat levels and are from various geographical areas. 

For example, Byadgi chillies are prized for their mildness and deep red colour, while Teja S17 and Wrinkle 273 are recognised for their intensity. Conversely, Kashmiri chiles are highly valued for their vivid hue and subtle taste. These chillies are shipped worldwide and are an essential component of Indian cooking.

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Now, explore the top red chilli-importing countries from India!

Top red chilli Importing Countries

Here is the table for India’s red chilli export destinations

1United States
5United Arab Emirates

So, the top 3 importers of red chilli are the United States (6,454 ships), Australia (795 shipments), and Canada (600 shipments). However, the precise amount and worth of exports can differ. Visit the Eximpedia app to stay updated on the newest trends and make wise selections. Our platform provides insightful analyses of global trade patterns, including country-by-country breakdowns of red chilli exports from India, a red chilli exporters list, and updated red chilli export data. 

Trends Driving the Red Chilli Market 

The distinctive flavour profile and adaptability in culinary applications of Indian red chiles have been driving up demand for them. Pesticide-free and sustainably sourced red chillies are becoming more and more in demand as customers place a higher value on natural and organic products.

It is anticipated that there will be a further increase in demand for red chillies worldwide, especially Indian types recognised for their distinct tastes and levels of heat. Worldwide interest in spicy food and ethnic cuisines is fueling this.

So, the red chilli market in India seems to have a bright future. Indian red chilli exporters can stay atop the global red chilli supply chain by adjusting to these shifts and investing in quality and sustainability.

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How to find red chilli exporters and importers?

To find out the top red chilli exporters and importers globally, you need to visit our dedicated data-driven platform, Eximpedia.app. Here at our dashboard, you can easily obtain information for traders such as red chilli exporters in India, red chilli importers in India, red chilli export data, red chilli HS codes, and so on.

So, explore our exclusive dashboard to access 130+ countries global trade data, updated import export trade data, and county-specific HS codes. 

Final Words!

The world is craving the spicy taste of Indian red chiles! Indian exports satisfy all palates with various options, such as the colour-enhancing Kashmiri and the scorching Teja S17. India's top markets for Indian red chillies include the US, Canada, and Australia, but there are other attractive opportunities in emerging nations. 

Also, Indian red chilli exporters may guarantee that their spicy products continue to entice palates around the globe by utilising data platforms such as Eximpedia.app. However, if you have any kind of queries related to export of red chillies from India, red chilli powder exporters in India, Red chilli export data, or red chilli HS codes, you can connect with our dedicated experts and schedule a free live demo today!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

1. Which red chilli is exported from India?

As per red chilli export data, the top red chilli exports from India are:  Byadgi Chilli, Red Chilli, Kashmiri chilli, Byadgi, Chilli

2. Who is the largest exporter of red chillies?

Based on red chilli exporter data, the biggest exporter of red chillies are : United States, Australia, Canada, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates

3. Which country imports red chili from India?

According to red chillies import data, Vietnam, the United States, China, Australia and Canada are the top importing countries from India.

4. Who is the largest importer of red chillies?

The Top red chilli Importing Country is the United States. 

5. Which chili is most exported from India?

Chilli is the most widely traded spice from India. It is extensively sold to the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sannam S4, Byadgi, Kashmir, and Gunturand in the United Kingdom.

6. Who is the largest producer of red chilli in India?

Andhra Pradesh is the established the king of chilli production in India, accounting for a massive 44% of the entire output in 2024.

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