Top 5 Tea Businesses

Updated: 07-Sep-2022
Top 5 Tea Businesses

The demand for Tea Store in Economy

As we know the tea industry has increased year after year, around the world tea is consumed as an energizer or an immunity booster. The consumption volume of tea in India was around 1.1 billion kilograms during the financial year 2021. Consumption of this hot beverage has grown consistently throughout the years. Tea producer buoyed by the robust market, expect 225 million kg shipments in 2022. The industry is expecting to achieve the pre-Covid level produce volume of 250 million kg following year.

Why is Tea Good for Health?

Tea has long been regarded as one of the most prevalent and beneficial beverages across the globe. Tea leaves contain various health benefits covering antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, and various amino acids which are believed to be good for having strong immunity, lower cholesterol, enhanced metabolism, prevention of cancer, etc.  

Soaring fuel prices and food insecurity might impact the tea crop in the coming months. But the emergence of flavored and specialty teas will keep our palates exploring for more. Safe to say, the future looks willing to be a tea-some affair!


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