The Rising Global Demand for Indian Granite Exports

Updated: 29-Apr-2024
The Rising Global Demand for Indian Granite Exports

Key Highlights

  • Indian granite is well-known worldwide for its affordability, quality, and durability.
  • With a Rs. 25,000 crore industry, granite exports from India rank first in the world.
  • Because granite is more expensive and people prefer alternative materials, there is less domestic demand in India than there is potential for export.
  • As per granite exporters data, India's primary export markets for granite are France, China, and Japan.
  • The leading importers of Indian granite are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Japan.
  • The increased demand for premium natural stones worldwide is anticipated to propel a growth in granite exports from India.

Granite has always been popular among architects and builders because of its timeless elegance and durability. Did you know? Indian granite has grown in popularity worldwide due to its high quality, and affordability. It is commonly utilized in commercial and residential constructions due to its ability to tolerate harsh weather. Also, India is one of the world's top manufacturers and exporters of granite, with an industry worth about ?25,000 crore.

Also, India is a significant producer and exporter of natural stones, especially granite, worldwide. But did you realize that India dominates the worldwide granite export market? Today, we look at the reasons for increasing the Indian granite exports. Also, we shall discuss the Indian granite export data, the top granite exports from India, and the granite exporters list.


What is the demand for granite in India?

While India is a significant player in the granite exporters list, domestic demand is substantially lower than its export potential. There are several causes for this:

  • Cost: Granite is more expensive than other flooring or countertop materials available in India.
  • Preference: Other materials may be considered more fashionable or appropriate for specific design types.

However, there are good indicators for future domestic demand:

According to the global trade data, the demand for granite is expected to climb by 4.1% every year through 2023. And India accounts for 15% of the world's granite. As worldwide demand for quality natural stones rises, Indian granites are positioned for a bright future in the global market.

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Overall, demand for granite in India is predicted to rise in the long run, but it is unlikely to equal the brisk export market in the near term.

Granite exports from India: 2023-24

Let’s first analyze the table for granite export data or granite exports from India!

Granite Exports from IndiaGranite export data
Total Shipments55.9K
Rank (Global)1st
Number of Indian granite Exporters12,83
Number of International Buyers3245
Granite HS Code 68022390, 68022310, and 25161100


  • According to granite export data, Indian granite exports from India totaled 55.9K, with 1,283 Indian exporters selling to 3,245 buyers.
  • Based on granite exporters data, India exports the majority of its granite to China, Japan, and France, making it the world's largest exporter of Indian granite.
  • The top three exporters of Indian granite are India (55,914 shipments), Oman (367), and Sri Lanka (270 shipments).

The top three granite HSN Codes are:

  • Granite HS Codes: 68022390
  • Granite HS Codes: 68022310
  • Granite HS Codes: 25161100

Now, explore the top granite exporting countries!

Top Granite Exporting Countries

Here is the updated table for top granite exporters:

S.NoGranite Exporting CountriesGranite Export Data(Export Values)
1India$718 million
2Brazil$173 million
3Norway$131 million
4Angola$113 million
5Spain$79.5 million

In 2022, Indian granite exports was the world's 796th most traded product (1,218). As per granite exporters data, the biggest granite exporters were India ($718 million), Brazil ($173 million), Norway ($131 million), Angola ($113 million), and Spain ($79.5 million). However, if you require updated Indian granite exports and granite export data, contact and acquire the global market report without any hassle.

Indian granite exports: Opportunities for Traders

  • Indian granite is in high demand worldwide due to its unique colour, pattern, and quality. The United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Japan are the top importers of Indian granite.
  • Look into new markets beyond the traditional giants like China and the United States. Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and African countries are witnessing substantial expansion in the building business, creating remarkable new opportunities.
  • The United States alone accounts for more than 20% of Indian granite exports. Indian granite is used for a variety of applications, including kitchen countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and memorials.
  • The most demanded granite from India are: Black Galaxy Granite, Kashmir White Granite, Red Multicolor Granite, Tan Brown Granite. Absolute Black Granite.
  • The great demand for Indian granite is due in part to its low cost. Indian granite is cheaper than granite from other nations, such as Italy and Brazil, making it a popular choice for large-scale constructions.

Top Granite HS Code

Here is the table for granite HS codes!

HS CodeDescriptionPotential Products
68022390Polished, monumental or building stone of granite (other than granules or crushed stone)Granite slabs (polished), granite countertops, granite vanity tops.
68022310Granite, surfaced (polished, honed, sanded or rustic), not further workedGranite slabs (polished, honed, calibrated).
25161100Granite, dimensioned (e.g. slabs, strips and squares), polished, exceeding 2 cm thicknessGranite slabs (thick format, polished).

As the data illustrates, HS code 6802 encompasses the majority of Indian granite exports, including polished slabs, countertops, and vanity tops. HS code 2516 serves a more specialized market that seeks thicker, rougher granite slabs for additional processing elsewhere. It is usually recommended that you consult a market research platform to verify that you utilize the correct HS code for your granite export.

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Now, explore the list of granite exporters in India.

List of granite exporters in India

Here is the list of granite exporters in india:

  • RK Marbles
  • Italian Marbles
  • Amit Marbles
  • Aditya Stonex
  • BVL Granites
  • Aravali Marbles & Granites 
  • Ritani Global Private Limited
  • Madhav Marble & Granites Ltd
  • Classic Marble Company
  • Mumal Marbles 

The prior list includes granite exporters in india. These granite exporters have a significant international presence and are well-known for providing products while maintaining stable supply networks. Need to contact granite exporters? Contact for the most up-to-date data on granite export, buyers, and the list of granite exports from India.

Future of the Indian Granite Export Industry

The future of Indian granite exports appears good. The global demand for natural stones is expanding, and Indian granite is well-positioned to supply that demand. The Indian government is launching several steps to boost the Indian granite industry and attract foreign investment.

Furthermore, Indian granite exporters invest in innovative technology to improve product quality while reducing environmental impact. These activities are projected to drive up demand for Indian granite.

Overall, the Indian granite sector is strong and rising, with a promising future. The industry will play a significant role in the Indian economy in the coming years. The Indian granite industry is expected to benefit significantly from the government's "Make in India" drive.

How to find an updated granite exporters list?

Indian granite has had a significant impact on the world because of its different beneficial features; therefore, selecting the highest quality provider of Indian granite is critical to maintaining its reputation worldwide.

To find the top granite exporters list, you must first compile a current and up-to-date list of granite importers, granite exports from India, granite export statistics, a list of granite exporters, and granite product HS codes. You can obtain it through market research platforms; is a leading data-driven solution for analyzing worldwide shipments. We provide a database of over 100 countries, allowing you to access global trade data conveniently.

Final Words

In conclusion, there is a tonne of potential for granite exports from India in the future. Indian granite is a preferred material for architects, builders, and homeowners globally due to its exceptional natural beauty, unparalleled quality, and affordable price. India's standing as a top exporter of natural stone is assured as the demand for the material grows worldwide.

Visit today to discover the worldwide market information at your fingertips and ask any questions regarding granite export data, granite exporters, or export from India. Please click this link to arrange a live demo.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the biggest exporter of granite?

As per the granite exporters data, Indian granite exports was the world's 796th most traded product (1,218) and the biggest granite exporters were India ($718 million)

Q2. Is granite exported from India?

Yes, granite exports data is a lucrative opportunity for the traders. Also if you are looking to export granite products from India, you need to connect with any time.

Q3. Which country is rich in granite?

Although granite is extracted all over the world, only a few nations lead the world in the export of this material. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) reports that Brazil, China, India, Spain, and Italy are the top exporters of granite.

Q4. How much granite is exported from India?

Statistics on granite exports from India indicate that 1,283 Indian exporters sold to 3,245 customers, accounting for a total of 55.9K in granite exports.

Q5. Who is the largest exporter of granite in India?

As per the granite exporters list, RK Marbles is the largest exporter of granite in India.

Q6. What is the HS Code for Granite stone?

The top three granite HSN Codes are:

  • Granite HS Codes: 68022390
  • Granite HS Codes: 68022310
  • Granite HS Codes: 25161100

Q7. Which company granite is best in India?

The list of granite exporters are given below:

  • RK Marbles
  • Italian Marbles
  • Amit Marbles
  • Aditya Stonex
  • BVL Granites
  • Aravali Marbles & Granites 
  • Ritani Global Private Limited
  • Madhav Marble & Granites Ltd

Q8. Which city is famous for granite in India?

The state of Rajasthan is home to the medieval city of Jalore. It is well-known for Rajasthan's granite and golden cities. Jalore is home to pink granite, while Udaipur is home to green granite.


Top Granite Exporting Countries

Indian Granite Exports Norway Granite Exports

Granite HS Code

Granite HS Code: 68022390


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