Malaysia's Coal Imports in 2022 Showing Favorable Signs for Suppliers

Updated: 20-Sep-2022
Malaysia's Coal Imports in 2022 Showing Favorable Signs for Suppliers

As we know, Malaysia is importing more coal this year, with monthly values frequently jumping dramatically. In the year 2021, Malaysia's total imports of coal came to $4.02 billion. Over the past few years, it has also been noted that Malaysia's imports of coal have increased in value repeatedly. The analysis of coal import data for Malaysia provided encouraging signals for Malaysia's major foreign coal suppliers. In this article, we will discuss Malaysia's coal imports in 2022 and its positive signs for suppliers.

Malaysia Imports for Coal in 2022

Malaysia's coal imports are increasing this year, with a frequency of significantly rising values each month. The total import value of coal in Malaysia amounted to $4.02 billion in the year 2021. The value of coal imports in Malaysia has also been observed to be rising frequently over the past years. The evaluation of Malaysia's import data for coal imports gave us positive signs for the top foreign coal suppliers of Malaysia.
The nation's imports of coal continue to expand at the fastest rate in Malaysia. The imports of coal over the last ten years, from 2010 to 2021, are shown in the table below. The figures on Malaysia's imports below show that the price of coal has been increasing consistently.
Following a slightly revised 49.2% increase in May 2022, this was the steepest growth since November 1989, imports to Malaysia increased 41.9% year over year in July 2022, exceeding market expectations of 40.4%. This growth was driven by strong domestic demand as the economy fully recovered from COVID-19 disruptions. All types of purchases increased: capital goods (29.6%), intermediate products (32.2%), and consumption goods (33.2%). Imports increased from China (28.4%), Singapore (109.3%), the US (45.3%), and the ASEAN nations (74.4%), in that order.

Malaysia Primary Imports:

  • Electrical and electronic products (29.4 percent)
  • Chemicals (9.5 percent)
  • Petroleum products (9.3 percent)
  • Machinery, appliances, and parts (8.7 percent)

Malaysia Primary Exports:

  • Electrical and electronics products (36 percent)
  • Chemicals (7.1 percent)
  • Petroleum products (7.0 percent)
  • Liquefied natural gas (6 percent)
  • Palm oil (5.1 percent)

Malaysia Exports Data for 2022

The Malaysia Export Data shows the advances in the indexes for machinery & transport equipment (+0.8%), miscellaneous manufactured goods (+0.4%), and mineral fuels (+6.9) helped the export unit value index climb by 1.6% in July 2022 compared to the previous month. However, the export volume index fell 9.7% in the same month, with declines in the index of miscellaneous manufactured goods (-15.5%), machinery & transport equipment (-10.0%), and mineral fuels (-9.6%) being the main contributors. Similar to this, the seasonally adjusted export volume index fell from 190.9 to 162.1 points, a loss of 15.1%, in July 2022. 

Malaysia Imports Data for 2022

The Malaysia Import  Data shows Comparing July 2022 to the previous month, the import unit value index increased by 0.3%, with rises in the index of mineral fuels (+1.9%), machinery & transport equipment (+0.6%), and other manufactured goods (+0.4%). When compared to the prior month, the import volume index fell by 4.8% in July 2022, with declines in the index of manufactured goods (-13.8%), chemicals (-7.1%), and machinery & transport equipment (-3.6%) playing a part. Additionally, from 219.0 to 195.9 points, the seasonally adjusted import volume index fell by 10.5%. Notably, the import unit value and volume index both increased 12.9% and 25.7% year over year, respectively. Both the volume and export unit value indexes continued to increase year over year by 20,6% and 14,4%, respectively.

Malaysia’s Coal Import export Partners

According to Malaysia’s import data 2021, Malaysia’s top importing partners for the imports of coal in 2021 were – Indonesia (65.2%), followed by Australia (25%), Russia (7.4%), Colombia (0.9%), and South Africa (0.8%). Indonesia and Australia are accounting for the highest imports. Malaysia's main export partners are Singapore (14 percent), China (13 percent), European Union (10 percent), Japan (9.5 percent), the United States (9.4 percent), and Thailand (6 percent).

Malaysia’s Coal Trends for 2022

The analyses of Malaysia's projected coal imports for 2022 show the projected monthly trend of coal imports in Malaysia. $260.1 million was spent on imports in January, $378.6 million in February, $494.9 million in March, and $611 million in April. With a total value of $759.4 million, April's imports were the most expensive of all.
The import values for each month plainly demonstrate that this year, Malaysia's imports of coal have increased regularly and quickly, offering hope for future expansion. This is fantastic news for all foreign coal exporters to Malaysia, particularly those from Indonesia. Malaysia and other nations all over the world were severely impacted by the limitations on coal exports from Indonesia. The benefits of trade will stop expanding for both Indonesia and other nations if the Indonesian government works with other nations to advance international commerce and the economy. Connect with if you require any help with Export Import data, global trade data, or any other business information. Our experts are prepared to offer you high-quality services at any time.


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