Cotton Exports from India: All You Need to Know About Successful Business

Updated: 08-May-2024
Cotton Exports from India: All You Need to Know About Successful Business

Key Highlights:

  • India leads the world in cotton production and ranks among the top exporters of the crop, with $5 billion in exports.

  • Varieties of Indian cotton include G. arboreum, G. barbadense, and G. hirsutum, the latter of which is the source of hybrid Bt cotton.

  • India's main cotton-producing states are divided into three zones: northern, southern, and central.

  • Cotton exports data reveals substantial trading with China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh; in the first five months of the 2023–24 season, shipments reached a total of 15 lakh bales.

  • The leading cotton exporters worldwide are the US, Brazil, and Australia, with India also having a significant impact.

  • Among the leading cotton exporters in India are Trident Limited, Shahi Exports Private Limited, and SCM Garments Private Limited are the list of cotton exporters in India.

India, known for its colorful textiles, has a long and illustrious history of producing cotton. It is also a significant player in the global cotton export market, as it is one of the biggest exporters of cotton globally. 

The nation's industrial and agricultural sectors both heavily rely on cotton. It supplies fibre, which is the main raw material required to make cotton textiles. In terms of exports, India exported 4.25 million bales of cotton overall in 2021–22. However, what really makes a successful cotton export route from India? This blog explains the significant facts about exporting cotton from India, along with cotton exporters in India, a list of cotton exports from India, cotton export data, and HS codes. 

Is cotton exporting profitable in India?

One of the most significant crops in India is cotton, which is farmed all over the nation. Cotton exports from India are valued at approximately $5 billion, and they have increased gradually over the last few years.

Indian cotton is highly valued globally and is in high demand due to its superior quality. However, India's cotton production costs are comparatively low compared to other major producing nations. Because of this, cotton exports from India are highly competitive in the global market.

Cotton Production in India

Let's discuss, in short, the following:

  • India ranked first in the world for cotton production, with 120.69 lakh hectares (or about 36% of the 333 lakh hectares) under cotton cultivation.

  • In India, 67% of cotton is farmed on rain-fed land, while about 33% is planted on irrigated land. With a yield of 510 kg/ha, India also ranks 38th in productivity, according to International Textiles Data.

Cotton Production in India

  • Indian cotton is made from the four cultivated species of cotton: G. arboreum and Herbaceum (Asian cotton), G. barbadense (Egyptian cotton), and G. hirsutum (American Upland cotton).

  • G. hirsutum is the basis for all currently available Bt cotton hybrids. Ten central states, separated into three distinct agro-ecological zones as follows, produce most of the cotton produced in India: 

Major Cotton-Producing States in India

i) Northern Zone: Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan;

ii) Southern Zone: Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu

iii) Central Zone: Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh

With 362.18 lakh bales (6.16 million metric tonnes) of cotton produced in the cotton season of 2021–2022, or 23% of the 1555 lakh bales (26.44 million metric tonnes) produced globally, India is the world leader in cotton production.

Furthermore, more than 80% of India's cotton is produced in these five states. You can search the cotton HS code, list of cotton exports from India, top cotton exporters in India, or visit the portal to analyze raw cotton export data if you need an updated list of cotton importers or exporters.  

Cotton Export Data from India: 2023–24

Let's analyze the table for cotton exports from India during the last five years!

Cotton Export Data from India

Over the last three months, Indian cotton exports to Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam have increased as crop prices have remained favorable to buyers worldwide. 

As per cotton export data, exports for the first five months of the 2023–24 season totaled 15 lakh bales (170 kg), comparable to the 15.5 lakh bales exported for the 2022–2023 marketing season.

However, cotton exports from India are worth approximately 877 billion Indian rupees in the fiscal year 2023. Comparing this to the prior fiscal year, there was a drop. In that year, India ranked as the fifth-largest cotton exporter.

The following graph displays the cotton export data over the preceding five years:

Total exports

  • India contributed over 10.2% of global raw cotton exports in 2020, placing it third in the world, according to cotton exporters in India data. 

  • $10.78 billion in 2021–2022, $6.3 billion in 2020–2020, and $4.5 billion between April 2022 and January 2023 were the total amount of exports. 

  • In terms of total cotton exports from India, it accounted for 2.55% in 2021–2022 and 1.21% in April 2022–January 2023, respectively. The Committee on Cotton Production and Consumption (COCPC) reports that 4,25 million bales of cotton were exported by India in total in 2021–2022. 

  • As per Cotton Export Data, the estimated global cotton export is 8.98 million metric tons (528 lakh bales), 8% less than the previous year's export of 9.73 million metric tons (572 lakh bales). 

  • The expected total import of cotton is 8.98 million metric tons (528 lakh bales), 6% less than the estimated overall import of 9.60 million metric tons (564 lakh bales) for the previous year. 

Now, explore the top cotton exporting countries!

Leading cotton exporting countries in 2024

Based on cotton export data, the biggest exporting countries for cotton are:

S.NoCotton exporting countries

Cotton Export Data

(In 1,000 metric tons)

1United States2,787
2 Brazil1,449
3 Australia1,350
5 India250
8 Burkina Faso163

The United States exported 2.30 million metric tonnes of cotton in 2022–2023, followed by Australia with 1.55 million metric tonnes, Uzbekistan with 0.03 million metric tonnes, and India with 0.51 million metric tonnes, according to data on cotton yarn exports. 

Over 14.9 million cotton bales were produced in the US in 2020, 4.96 million more than in 2019. For the most recent list of cotton exports from India, visit All of the most recent cotton exporters in India, cotton export companies in India,  cotton HS codes, and updated cotton export data are readily available to you on a single dashboard.

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Top cotton exporters in India

Here is the list of the top cotton exporters in India: 

  • SCM Garments Private Limited, 

  • Shahi Exports Private Limited, 

  • H.D. Textiles, 

  • Nandan Denim Limited

  • Trident Limited 

  • Adinath Trading Company ( ATC )

  • Saanvi Inc.

  • Taen Life Impex

  • Vinod Textile

  • Super Agri Export

So, these are the top cotton export companies in India. Want access to every cotton exporters in India? For a list of cotton exports from India and cotton export data by country, get in touch with

How to locate cotton buyers?

You may access the Cotton Exporters and Importers database in real-time in India by visiting the Eximpedia data-driven dashboard, where you can discover up-to-date and precise cotton export data. We offer real and authentic buyer, supplier, exporter, and HS Code information, among cotton export companies in India.  

Final Words!

In conclusion, launching a cotton export business in India requires a lot of research and analysis. Cotton is a highly sought-after commodity around the world, and India has the opportunity to capitalize on this given its natural wealth of raw materials. 

Keep in mind that the foundations of a successful export firm are rigorous research, upholding quality, and obtaining updated market insights such as cotton export data or cotton exporters in India. So, if you want any type of assistance regarding raw cotton export data, you can connect with our professionals and grow your business in the global trade market. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

1. Which country India exports most cotton to?

As per cotton export data, cotton exports from India to approximately 159 nations throughout the world. Between April 2021 and February 2022, Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam were India's top cotton imports. 

2. Who are the top 5 exporters of cotton?

Between April 2021 and February 2022, Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam were India's leading cotton imports. The three nations together comprised 60% of India's total exports.

3. Who is the largest exporter of cotton?

As per cotton exporters data, the largest exporter of cotton is the United States with 2,787000 metric tonnes.

4. Which country is the largest importer of Indian cotton?

China is India's second biggest cotton importer, accounting for more than 80% of total cotton imports.

5. What is the rank of India in cotton export?

India is the world's biggest cotton producer and second-largest exporter. In 2023-24, the United States became the world's leading exporter of cotton.

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Cotton export companies in India

Top cotton exporters in India: SCM Garments Private Limited

Top cotton exporters in India: Shahi Exports Private Limited

Top cotton exporters in India: H.D. Textiles

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