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We at EximPedia apply the latest techniques to provide the right and accurate information on exports and imports.

We are the most trusted information network globally for Exim Community, transforming billions of data points into meaningful insights. Our Company also helps you to make your export and import business more profitable.

Discover a unique marketplace for your import-export trade business with our analytically developed global import export database. Locate new, potential & active buyers and suppliers for your import-export trade business with our smartly developed tools and data.

We closely monitor the performance of your products in the global trade markets with the assistance of our latest and smartly developed tools and keep track of the market competition.

With our innovative and analytically built extensive databases, you can have fast access to thousands of millions of worldwide import export trade data to gain real-time insights into the global trade markets.

Why are we the EXIM Data Experts?

Broad Range of Country Datasets
Our exclusive resource management team provides up-to-date and versatile data from critical locations around the world that empower your decision-making with essential insights and information.
Easy to Understand Deep Analysis
We use bespoke layered visualizations for diving deep into our country and logistics statistics so your team can get indispensable data analysis and reporting with graphical support.
Lightning Fast Updates
Our system operates with automated upgrading and updating, so your data and tools are always ready at a moment’s notice.
Most Accurate Information
All of our datasets are quality controlled by layers of inspection before it ever reaches your platform. This helps us maintain a high reliability our clients have come to trust.
Easy Searching with Instant Results
Our advanced technology and communication systems allow instantaneous searching with engaging downloads that inform your next decision or application.
Complete Training
We are happy to provide a complete guided tour of your dashboard and features and reply to any needs promptly.
Years of Experience
Our more than a decade of working in the exporter, importer, buyer, and seller industry provides us with valuable expertise that makes all the difference.
Customizable Plans
We are proud to offer different plans and subscription levels to meet your unique needs and business exporting/importing challenges.
Clean User Interface
Our workspace allows multiple dashboards that save your previous searches with an easy-to-use cleaning system to free up valuable device resources.
Multiple User Profiles
Our global data system is designed to handle multiple unique user profiles during a single session so you can multiply your growth and productivity potential with many team members analyzing data in real-time.
Pay as You Go
We always want you to have a sense of absolute value from our system. That is why we only deduct your credit points when you use data downloads. Searches are free as we only charge once per account.
Expert Support & Account Manager
Our support team is available 24/7 for any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may need. In addition, we have hirable account managers ready for any task you may have with your chosen plan.
Money-Back Guarantee
We offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee because we are confident that our system can provide you with insightful exporting/importing data.

See how Eximpedia works

Customs records reveal Importers and Suppliers for any product

Trade Profiling
  • We first understand your appetite to serve you the most suitable platter of trade insights.
  • Foreign or domestic, purchase or supply, historical or forecasted, etc are the parameters on which your profile is crafted to best bring to you the trade dynamics.
  • With pre-selected plans to customisations at your behest, sharpen your profile and reap the trade benefits. Feel the need to have more or less in those plans, scale up or down as you wish.
Trade Exploration
  • To grow successfully in the trade world, having an eye for strategic geographical setup or expansion is a must.
  • Whether understanding the buying-selling pattern, assessing the trade financials, streamlining the logistics or regulating trade between countries is your business’s fundamental, having the right country data at your doorstep is the key.
  • With scheduled updates to make available new data-points and diverse countries to explore, you are all set to plunge into boosting your trade growth
Trade Windows
  • Enhancing the process of generating precision filtered trade data and categorizing them into analytical collections greatly help to perform rapid business oriented statistical operations.
  • From narrowing down search results to quick purchase ability of shipment data, now build unlimited collections of filtered shipment records. Purchase a record only once for the lifetime of it and add it across as many workspaces you wish.
  • Now ensure that your team is up on heels to churn out the best trade advisory and predictions by sharing workspaces across teams to collaborate.
Trade Analytics
  • Micro-level visual detailing and interval based projections over your filtered trade data collections derive market intelligence which is unparalleled elsewhere.
  • Portraying the supply chain hierarchy between buyers and sellers of products and goods, presenting the distribution of market share that they govern, classifying the trade history over statistical intervals, etc are the gateway to exploiting the rich data insights hidden deep in your data collections.

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