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Obtain North American exporter and importer details at our data-driven platform. Learn about the North America Countries' import export data and competitive dynamics of the biggest import and export markets of the American market, such as Mexico, Panama, the USA, Costa Rica, Canada, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Increase your return on investment by locating reliable suppliers and consumers using our North America Import Export Database.

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5+ North American Countries Import Export Data

North America is considered a continent located in both the Northern and Western Hemispheres. At EximPedia's data-driven dashboard, we provide a comprehensive set of information that includes North American Countries Import and Export Data, and import and export data for Canada, Mexico, and the United States in North America. The details of all imports and exports carried out by North American countries, and insights into the trading activities including their trading partners, products traded, and volume of trade.

Our North American importer's database is an integral part of this data, which contains detailed information on importers and their top trading activities. The North America trade customs data provides information on the customs duties and taxes levied on imports and exports. Locate exclusive market reports of top North American countries including Mexico, Panama, USA Canada, etc from our North America importer exporter database.


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Top North America Imports and Exports

Based on North American countries' customs data, total imports of North American countries in 2020 accounted for 3.4 billion, while total exports accounted for 2.5 billion. According to North America Import Export data by HS Code, the top imports from North America were Petroleum oils, Automobiles, and Transmission apparat. Petroleum oils, etc. Get top import and export data from our global products directory.

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Obtain the best North America import export data by Country, HS Code, Product Description, Quantity, Unit, Price, Buyer Name, Supplier Name, and Port of Loading/Unloading information.

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Through our advanced online dashboard search system, you can reach out to top North American buyers and suppliers list.

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Find year-by-year North America export import data by HS Code, Product Description, and Importer and Exporter Name using our North American Market Intelligence Platform. You can use our shipment records to monitor your present competitors and new emerging companies in the North American market. Search and analyze who they are sourcing from and how much they are exporting.


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Instant access to import and export data for more than 5+ countries in North America. Learn about the top imports and exports from the USA, Mexico, and Canada via our global trade data portal. Our global Reports shorten your research time and increase the number of leads coming to your company.

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We furnish global trade data reports for more than 100+ countries that help companies in assessing market trends, price forecasts, product demands, competitor analyses, and growth possibilities.

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We offer comprehensive coverage of the top North American ports for imports, exports, and cargo. It will assist you in determining the major American trading partners. A competitive pricing plan can also be established by studying our North American trade intelligence dashboard.

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Finding trusted buyers and suppliers from the leading American nations is made easier by using our special database of American importers and exporters. Also, our global importer's exporter’s directory gives you access to the cargo records of more than 100+ nations.

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North America FAQs

What are the main North America imports?

As per the North America import data, crude oil is the most popular import in America. Cars, Crude oil, Computers, Optical readers, Phone Devices including smartphones, etc. are the main import products of North America.

As per the North America export data, Petroleum oil, motor car, and telephone set are the main exports products. As per the North American trade report, Canada, Mexico, and China are the main export destinations for USA products.

According to North America Trade Data, Canada is the top trading partner of Northeast America. Other major trading partners are Canada, Mexico, China, European Union, Japan, and Germany.

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