Ways to Find US Import & Export Companies

Updated: 11-Nov-2022
Ways to Find US Import & Export Companies

The Import Export Business is growing year after year, the significant reason for increasing interest in Import Export for as it expands the business opportunity and attains more revenues to grow worldwide.  Globally, there are numerous companies that are indulging in the business of Import and Export. Also, Accurate Import Export Data is also of utmost importance for businesses to provide valuable market insights. For this, finding the right Import Export companies is mandatory for all. In this blog, we will discuss the ways to find US Import & Export Companies.

Comprehend USA Import Data 

The Bill of Lading and Shipping Manifests filed with US Customs at US Ports are the basis for and source of the USA Imports data, which includes all records of sea shipments at all US ports. Any commodity shipped to the United States by sea to any US port is eligible for USA import data. There is data on US imports from a certain nation, a region, and the entire world. Derived from a bill of lading, USA Imports data is a useful and effective tool for tracking legitimate and active US Buyers or Importers and their shippers or suppliers around the world. It includes crucial information such as US importers' names and addresses and foreign suppliers' names and addresses. This report has proven to be a great resource for quick access to USA Importers, Buyers & analysis of the USA Market.

The USA imported products worth USD 2,407 billion in 2020, down (-6.3%) from USD 2,568 billion in 2019, according to USA import statistics and analytics reports.

According to USA import data, the United States was the world's largest importer in 2020. According to Data from the US bill of lading, the major imports of the US combine autos, pharmaceutical products, mineral fuels & oils, pearls & precious stones, and optical, photographic, and medical equipment.

USA Import Data include:

  • US Consignee/Importer Name
  • US Notify party,
  • Suppliers Name, Address, Tel, Fax. 
  • Date of Shipment Arrival 
  • Actual Product Description with Mark & nos. 
  • Quantity & Weight with Unit 
  • Port of Origin/Foreign Port 
  • Port of Destination/US Port 
  • Many other details like Bill of lading no., Measurement, piece count, carrier code, Vessel name, container no. etc.

Comprehend USA Export Data

USA Export Data is a subset of Customs Data that includes details on all types of containers that leave the nation. Data on US commerce includes specifics of transactions between US businesses and foreign corporations. With the aid of USA shipment statistics, you may get a close-up view of the American market and identify American suppliers who do business abroad. Shipping bills, import bills, invoices, and other import-export documents serve as the basis for USA trade data. We gather information about USA trade from the most reputable organizations, including customs offices, shipping and logistics firms, port authorities, trade associations, and government agencies.
According to USA export data, the country exported items worth USD 1,431 billion in 2020, a -13% decrease from the year before. According to USA export data, the country sent items worth USD 1,645 billion in 2019.

USA Export Data include:

  • US Consignee/Exporters Name
  • US Notify party
  • Container-specific details on goods. 
  • USA bill of lading data covers 
  • Date, Shipper Name, Shipper Address,
  • US Port, Destination Port, Product Description, 
  • Quantity, Weight

Top 10 Import Products of the USA

From the most significant USA import data, here is the list of the USA’s top 10 imported products–

  • Machinery (15%)
  • Electrical Machinery and Equipment (14.2%)
  • Vehicles (10.5%)
  • Pharma Products (5.8%)
  • Mineral Fuels and Oils (5.4%)
  • Pearls and Precious (4.4%)
  • Optical, Photographic
  • Medical Equipment (3.7%)
  • Furniture, Bedding, Mattresses, etc. (2.7%)
  • Plastics (2.5%) and 
  • Organic Chemicals (2.3%)

According to Import Data on US commerce, the top 10 US imports made up 64% of the total value of import shipments in 2020. According to USA bill of lading data, among the top 10 product categories, America's imports of diamonds and precious metals experienced the fastest-growing increase in value, increasing 84.2% from 2019 to 2020.

Top 10 Export Products of the USA

From the most significant USA export data, here is the list of the USA’s top 10 exported products–

  • Machinery (12.7%) 
  • Electrical Machinery & Equipment (11.3%) 
  • Mineral Fuels & Oils (10.8%)
  • Vehicles (7.3%)
  • Optical, Photographic, and Medical Equipment (5.8%) 
  • Aircraft, Spacecraft & Parts (5.6%)
  • Plastics (4.2%)
  • Pearls & Precious Stones (4.1%)
  • Pharma Products (3.7%) 
  • Organic Chemicals (2.3%)

So, these are the top 10 export items from the US that will make up 67.8% of all exports in 2020, according to US export data. The top 10 export categories from 2019 to 2020 showed growth in medicines (up 0.7%) and diamonds or precious metals (up 0.6%), according to US export data.

Which Company is Best for USA Import Export Data?

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