USA Trade Analysis and Export Import Data

Updated: 11-May-2022
USA Trade Analysis and Export Import Data

Data on US Imports

As per USA import data and analytics reports, the US imported commodities worth USD 2,407 billion in 2020, down from USD 2,568 billion in 2019.
According to US import records, the US was the world's biggest importer in 2020. According to US bill of lading statistics, machinery, electrical machinery and equipment, automobiles, pharmaceutical items, mineral fuels and oils, pearls and precious stones, and optical, photographic, and medical equipment are among the top import commodities of the United States.
Customs Import Data from the United States provides business names as well as other information. Our database now has 12308975 shipment records and 1101306 US import enterprises. It contains information on transactions involving American and international firms. We provide shipping information, including container characteristics, based on the most comprehensive and searchable database available.
To develop USA bill of lading data, shipping bills, import bills, invoices, and other import-export papers that are crucial in importing or exporting products from one nation to another are utilized. To maintain data integrity, we acquire USA trade data from the most credible sources, such as Customs Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Trade Associations, and Government Bodies. We have statistics on imports from the United States from 2012 to the present.

USA Import Data is defined as follows

USA Trade Data is a quick and simple method to find and assess complete shipping information for containers coming into the nation via all modes of transportation. Date, Consignee Name, Consignee Address, Shipper Name, Shipper Address, HS Code, Product Description, Loading Port, Unloading Port, Foreign Country, Weight, Quantity, Unit, and other information are contained in US import data.

The following are the top ten US imports

Based on the most comprehensive data available, we've prepared a list of the top 10 imports in the United States for 2020. Machinery (15%), Electrical Machinery and Equipment (14.2%), Vehicles (10.5%), Pharmaceutical Products (5.8%), Mineral Fuels and Oils (5.4%), Pearls and Precious Stones (4.4%), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (3.7%), Furniture, Bedding, Mattresses, etc. (2.7%), Plastics (2.5%), and Organic Chemicals (2.5%) (2.3 percent).

The 10 leading import partners of the United States are as follows

According to import data and market research reports, China (USD 457.1 billion), Mexico (USD 328.8 billion), Canada (USD 277.3 billion), Japan (USD 122.4 billion), Germany (USD 117.4 billion), Vietnam (USD 83.2 billion), South Korea (USD 78.3 billion), Switzerland (USD 75.5 billion), Ireland (USD 65.7 billion), and Taipei, Chinese Taipei, were the top ten import partners for the United States in 2020. (USD 62.4 billion). According to US import estimates, these nations accounted for 69.4 percent of the total value of shipments.


According to US export data, the US exported commodities worth USD 1,431 billion in 2020, a -13 percent reduction from the previous year. According to US export estimates, the US supplied commodities worth USD 1,645 billion in 2019.
USA Export Data is the best resource for accessing and analyzing complete information at the shipment level. It provides container-specific information on the country's exported commodities. Date, Shipper Name, Shipper Address, US Port, Destination Port, Product Description, Quantity, Weight, and so on are all contained in the USA bill of lading data.

The following are the top exports from the United States

We provide high-quality export statistics from the United States, as well as shipping information, to help you find potential industries for your company's growth. Based on trade data and analytics, we discovered that the top ten exports for the United States in 2020 will be Machinery (12.7 percent), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (11.3 percent), Mineral Fuels & Oils (10.8 percent), Vehicles (7.3 percent), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (5.8 percent), Aircraft, Spacecraft & Parts (5.6 percent), Plastics (4.2 percent), Pearls & Precious Stones (4.1 percent), Pharma Products (3.7 percent), and Organic Chemicals (3.7 (2.3 percent ).

The following countries are the United States' top export partners

According to export data, the following are the top 10 export partners for the United States in 2020. Canada (USD 255.1 billion), Mexico (USD 212.6 billion), China (USD 124.6 billion), Japan (USD 64.0 billion), the United Kingdom (USD 59.0 billion), Germany (USD 59.0 billion), South Korea (USD 57.7 billion), the Netherlands (USD 51.2 billion), Brazil (USD 45.5 billion), and Taipei, Chinese Taipei (USD 45.5 billion) are the top five countries (USD 35.0 billion).

Based on user-specified choices, this interactive tool generates tables and visualizations describing yearly and quarterly year-to-date United States goods trade statistics from 2002 through the most current available quarter. Data are accessible for specific nations, trade, and economic groupings, or geographic areas, and maybe tabulated using any of three product categorization systems: HS (up to four digits), NAICS (up to four digits), or SITC (up to four digits) (up to 3-digit level).


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