Unlock the Rich Flavors of Indian Cashew Exports from India

Updated: 08-Apr-2024
Unlock the Rich Flavors of Indian Cashew Exports from India

Do you know? Cashew nuts, famous for their rich, buttery taste and versatility, are one of India's most valuable exports. With a long history of cultivation and trade, India has emerged as a significant participant in the global cashew industry, producing high-quality nuts sought after worldwide.

However, Cashew cultivation is common in India, especially along the peninsula's coasts. Cashew is primarily grown in Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Orissa, West Bengal, and parts of the northeastern region. Today, this blog will look at the potential for cashew export from India, the list of top cashew exporters in India, cashew nut export data, and much more.

Are cashew nuts popular in India?

Yes, cashews are famous in India. India is the world's second-largest producer of cashews, and Indians eat them far more than individuals in other countries. Here's why cashews are so popular in India:

India is one of the world's largest cashew-producing countries. The cashew sector has a significant economic impact because it employs over 10 lakh people on farms and factories in rural areas.

Cashews contain protein, fiber, and healthy fats, all essential components in a vegetarian diet. Many Indians maintain a vegetarian diet.

Now, let’s explore the top-producing countries of Cashew!

Top Cashew Nut Producing Countries

Here is the list of top cashew nuts-producing countries:


CountryProduction (tonnes)
1 Ivory Coast970000
2 India743000
3 Vietnam283328
4 Indonesia170000
5 Benin120000
6 Burkina Faso115000
7 Guinea-Bissau90000
8 Tanzania80000
9 Mozambique70000
10 Philippines65000

So, the top 10 cashew-producing countries produced an aggregate of 2,706,328 tonnes in 2022 (estimated). On average, each country produced 270,632.80 tonnes. The highest producer was Ivory Coast, which produced 970,000 tonnes.

How big is the cashew market in India?

India is one of the world's largest cashew producing countries. The cashew sector has a significant economic impact because it employs over 10 lakh people on farms and factories in rural areas.

According to India trade data for cashew, the India Cashew Market is predicted to be worth USD 2.40 billion in 2024 and USD 2.9 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 3.80% over the forecast period (2024-2029).

Overall, the cashew export from India contributes significantly to the country's economy by providing revenue, employment, and foreign exchange. It is a growing market with room for expansion through improvements in processing, value addition, and addressing existing issues.

Now, let’s come to the  statistics for cashew export from india!

How lucrative is cashew nut export from India?

On average, the net revenue from 1 kg of value-added cashew goods is profitable, with cashew kernel earning the most (N2,724.4 (US $7.6)), followed by cashew nut (N2,547.9 (US $7.1)) and both cashew products.

Cashew export from India can be profitable, but the exact profit margin is dependent on a variety of factors, making a one-size-fits-all solution impractical.

Let’s explore the cashew nut export data in brief

  • According to cashew nut export data, cashew shipments totaled US$ 363.19 million in 2022-23, a 19.84% reduction from US$ 453.1 million in 2021-22. 
  •  Cashew export from India amounted $ 110.51 million between April and July 2023.
  • As per cashew nut export data, India is the world's leading cashew exporter, accounting for more than 15% of total exports. 
  • Cashew exports climbed in value by 7% in 2021-22, from US$ 420 million in 2020-21 to US$ 452 million in 2021-22. 

Before knowing the export destinations for cashew export from India, let’s explore the top cashew exporting countries!

Top Cashew Exporting Countries

Let’s discuss the top Cashews Exports by Country!

S.NoTop Cashew Exporting Countries

Cashew nut export data (%)

1 Vietnam42.4
2 Ivory Coast15.6
3 India5.7
4 Ghana4.8
5 Netherlands4.2
6 Nigeria3.3
7 Germany2.8
8 Burkina Faso2.3
9 Mozambique1.2
10 Brazil1

In terms of value, the top 10 nations exported 86.6% of all cashews in 2022. Among the largest cashew exporter, the fastest-growing cashew exporters since 2021 were Honduras (up 3,764%), the United Kingdom (up 42.7%), Spain (up 40%), and Mozambique.

Also, Indonesia (down -49.2%), Belgium (down -45.4%), Ghana (down -34.9%), Brazil (down -33.9%), and Canada (down -25.5%) were the nations with the greatest decreases in cashew export sales. However, if you need an updated list of cashew export from India, cashew exporters in India, cashew HS codes, or cashew exporting countries, connect with Eximpedia.app anytime!

India’s Cashew Nut Export Destinations

After Côte d'Ivoire, India is the second-biggest producer and exporter of cashew nuts, accounting for more than 15% of global cashew exports, followed by Vietnam.

India's primary export destinations include the UAE, the Netherlands, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are the primary cashew-producing states in India. India predominantly exports cashew kernels, along with modest amounts of cashew nut shell liquid and cardanol.

According to cashew nut exporter data, cashews are exported from India to more than 60 countries around the world. India's main export destinations are:

  1. UAE
  2. Japan
  3. Netherlands
  4. In Saudi Arabia
  5. The United States
  6. The United Kingdom
  7. Canada
  8. France
  9. Israel
  10. Italy

According to Indian cashew exporters' data, the UAE is the largest buyer of Indian cashews, worth US$ 131.5 million, accounting for 29% of total shipments in 2021-22, up from US$ 98.5 million the previous year. In terms of volume, India's cashew exports to the UAE increased by 29% to 16.6 million kg from 12.8 million kg the previous year.

However, Japan and the Netherlands are among the top three importers of Indian cashews, accounting for 13% of exports and 9%, respectively. India's cashew kernels and cashew nut shells liquid exports to Japan and the Netherlands are worth $58.1 million and $41.1 million, respectively.. If you require an up-to-date list of cashew export from India, cashew exporters, cashew HS codes, or cashew exporting countries, visit Eximpedia.app.

Let’s also explore the top 10 cashew importing countries!

Top 10 cashew importing countries

The total amount spent on imported cashews in 2022 was reported to be $6.62 billion. That dollar figure represents an 11.6% increase from $8.4 billion five years ago in 2018.

Let’s discuss the top Cashews imported by Country!

S.NoTop 10 Cashew Importing Countries

Cashew nut import data (%)

1 United States14.7
2 Vietnam13.1
3 Germany6.5
4 France1.8
5 Netherlands4.5
6 China4
7 United Arab Emirate2.3
8 United Kingdom2.2
9 Canada1.5
10 Australia1.5

In terms of value, the top 10 nations imported 61.3% of all cashew imports in 2022. Since 2021, the fastest-growing cashew importers have been Turkey (up 30.1%), mainland China (up 29.3%), Israel (20%), and Spain (8.9%).

However, Vietnam (down -76.9% from 2021), Saudi Arabia (down -45.6%), Belgium (down -44.1%), the United States of America (down 20.3%), and Japan (down -19.4 %) were the top five nations where buyers reduced their purchases of imported cashews.

How to find top cashew exporters in India?

To find the top cashew exporters in India, you must obtain a current and updated list of cashew export from India, cashew nut export data, a list of cashew exporters, and cashew nut HS codes. You can obtain it from market research platforms, Eximpedia.app is one of the best data-driven platforms for analyzing shipments worldwide. We have a database of 100+ countries, so you can obtain global trade data without any obstacles. 

Wind Up!

Indian cashews are more than a dessert; they represent India's rich agricultural heritage and devotion to quality. With their outstanding taste, nutritional benefits, and environmentally friendly techniques, Indian Cashews are a great joy for taste buds all across the world. So, why not sample the rich flavors of Indian cashew exports and taste India yourself?

Contact us to learn more about Indian cashew export from India or cashew nut export data and bring India's rich flavours to your doorstep. To schedule a free live demo, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the biggest exporter of cashew?

As per cashew export from India, the biggest exporter of cashew is Vietnam. It has established its place as the world's largest cashew exporter, a designation won through exceptional production and processing capabilities.

Q2. Which country India import cashew nuts from?

All cashews exported from India are not cultivated within the country. In reality, about three-quarters of it is imported from Mozambique, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Q3. Who is the biggest cashew supplier in India?

As per cashew nut export data, Maharashtra is the top cashew grower in India, with Andhra Pradesh and Odisha trailing behind.

Q4. How to export cashew nuts from India?

To start a business for cashew export from India, you need to obtain several documents, including cashew nut export data, a list of cashew exporters in India, the top exporting countries of cashew, and cashew HS codes.

Q5. Who is the largest producer of cashew in India?

India is the second-largest cashew nut producer after Vietnam. Maharashtra is India's largest cashew nut producing state. Andhra Pradesh and Odisha come next, after Maharashtra.

Q6. Which country imports the most cashews?

In 2022, India was the greatest importer of shell cashews in the world, with imports valued at 1.89 billion US dollars.


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