Top 10 Electronics Exporters and Manufacturing Countries 2023-24

Updated: 19-Jan-2024
Top 10 Electronics Exporters and Manufacturing Countries 2023-24

Key Highlights:

  • The electronics commerce sector is a broad and complicated ecosystem that includes the design, production, distribution, 

  • China, United States, Germany, South Korea, and Japan are the biggest electronincs exporters in 20223-23

  • To find the major electronics exporters, you need to visit and global market insights.

The electronic industry is the economic sector that manufactures electronic devices. It originated in the twentieth century and is now one of the world's greatest industries. As we enter 2024, it's time to shine a light on the top participants in the field—the leading electronic exporters and manufacturing countries. Join us on a journey across the electronic manufacturing and export powerhouses, where we'll learn about the important players in this dynamic industry.

All about the Electronics Trade Industry

The electronics industry includes companies that produce, develop, assemble, and service electronic products. These objects are composed of materials, parts, components, subassemblies, and equipment that use electronic principles to perform their fundamental functions.

The electronics commerce sector is a broad and complicated ecosystem that includes the design, production, distribution, and sale of electronic gadgets and components. It affects almost every part of our modern lives, from smartphones in our pockets to televisions in our living rooms and intricate medical equipment in hospitals.

Electronic goods are rarely manufactured wholly in one location. Global supply chains, typically spanning numerous countries, have become the standard, with each location focusing on specific stages of production. The market is continually changing, with rapid breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, robots, and the Internet of Things (IoT) propelling new product categories and capabilities.

Top 10 Electronics Exporters in 2023-23

According to Electronics Export Data, these are the top 10 electronic exporters in 2023-24.

1. China: The Titan of Electronics Manufacturing

Without a doubt, China remains the major electronics exporter. China's strong technology infrastructure, skilled labor, and huge production facilities cement its position as the epicenter of electronic manufacturing. Also, China has gained the title of "world's factory" due to its huge production capabilities. The country manufactures and exports a diverse range of electronics, including cell phones, laptops, televisions, consumer appliances, and electronic components. 

2. United States: Innovation and Export Prowess

The United States is the biggest electronics exporter in terms of electronics innovation and exports. Home to some of the world's IT behemoths, the United States not only leads in cutting-edge technology but also has a prominent presence in worldwide electronics exports. The United States is a large supplier of electronics, particularly advanced technology products. Silicon Valley, California, is a global hub for technological innovation, with corporations such as Apple, Intel, and Microsoft located there.

3. Germany: Precision Engineering at its Best

Germany, known for its engineering expertise, has emerged as a major electronic product exporter. The country's dedication to quality and precision has made it a prominent exporter of high-end electrical equipment. Automotive electronics, industrial machinery, medical devices, and scientific instruments are among the items exported from the country. Siemens and Bosch are important companies in Germany's electronics industry.

4. South Korea: Rising Star in Electronics Export

South Korea has quickly risen to the top ranks of electronics exports, thanks to corporations such as Samsung and LG. The country's emphasis on consumer electronics and technological developments has propelled it to the top tiers of the international market. South Korea is the world's fourth-largest electronics exporter, with exports of $129.4 billion in 2022-23, accounting for 5.3% of the worldwide electronics market. 

5. Japan: A Legacy of Technological Excellence

Japan, with its long history of technological invention, remains a major electronics exporter. The country's dedication to quality and dependability provides a consistent flow of electrical exports around the world. The country exports a wide spectrum of electronics, from robots and automotive electronics to consumer items such as cameras, audio equipment, and gaming consoles. Companies like Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba have helped Japan's status as a leader in electronics manufacture and exports.

6. Taiwan: Silicon Valley of Asia

Taiwan, sometimes known as Asia's Silicon Valley, has emerged as a prominent  electronic exporter in the electronics industry. Its prowess in semiconductor production and electrical components has won it a coveted position among the leading exporters. Taiwan is the world's sixth-largest electronics exporter, with exports expected to reach $94.8 billion in 2021, accounting for 3.9% of the worldwide electronics market. 

7. Singapore: Southeast Asia's Electronics Hub

Singapore's strategic position and excellent infrastructure have established it as a Southeast Asian electronics manufacturing and export hub. The country's well-developed infrastructure, efficient logistics, and business-friendly atmosphere make it an appealing choice for electronics companies. Based on Import Export data, Singapore exports goods such as semiconductors, computer peripherals, and communication gadgets.

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8. Netherlands: A European Electronics Hub

According to electronics Exporters data, the Netherlands is the world's eighth-largest electronics exporter, with exports of $57.5 billion in 2021, accounting for 2.4% of the worldwide electronics market. The Netherlands, with its strategic position and business-friendly environment, is an important link in the electronics supply chain. The country's emphasis on innovation and sustainability adds to its success in electronics exports.

9. Malaysia: Driving Electronics Growth in Southeast Asia

Malaysia's consistent expansion in electronics manufacturing has made it a major electrocincs exporter in the worldwide market. The country's favorable business environment and competent workforce position it as a prominent player in the electronics export landscape. The country exports a variety of items, including semiconductors, consumer electronics, electrical gear, and components. Malaysia's talented labor and low production costs help drive its electronics export success.

10. Mexico: The Gateway to the Americas

Finally, Mexico know as the prominent participant in the Americas, has developed into an important electronics manufacturing base. Mexico's proximity to the US market, along with a talented workforce, makes it an excellent choice for enterprises wishing to build a presence in the region. As per Export import data, The country exports a variety of items, including consumer electronics, electrical gear, and components.

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How to Find Major Electronics Exporters?

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Wind Up:

Finally, the Top 10 Electronics Exporters and Manufacturers emerge as the driving forces behind the industry's progress. From China's technological superiority to the innovation engines of the United States and Germany, each country has a distinct role in creating the future of electronics. Keep an eye on these powerhouses as they continue to set the pace in the dynamic world of electronic manufacturing and export. However, if you have any queries related to international trade data, connect with and expand your business in the global market.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

1. Who is the largest exporter of electronics?

China is the world's largest electronics exporter by a wide margin. As of 2022, China exported over $671.5 billion in electronics, accounting for roughly 33% of the worldwide market. 

2. Who is India's top exporter of electronics in 2023?

Tamil Nadu was the top exporter of electronics in 2023. According to Electronics Exporters data, the volume of electronic goods exported from Tamil Nadu in fiscal year 2022-23 was $5.37 billion, making the state the top in India's electronic goods exports.

3. What country buys the most electronics?

In 2022, the United States was the biggest importer of electronics, with an anticipated value of $338 billion. 

4. Which state is the top exporter of electronics?

Tamil Nadu has become India's largest exporter of electronic goods, with exports nearly tripling to $5.37 billion in the fiscal year 2022-2023. The state contributed to 22.8% of India's electronic exports, up from 11.98% last year.

5. Which country is the largest producer of electronic products?

Due to its huge electronics manufacturing capabilities, China has acquired the title of "world's factory." The country manufactures and exports a diverse range of electronics, including cellphones, laptops, televisions, consumer appliances, and electronic components.


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