The Growing Market: Exploring India's Maize Export Industry

Updated: 22-Apr-2024
The Growing Market: Exploring India's Maize Export Industry

In the global agricultural market, maize is one of the most vital and versatile crops. Its usage ranges from being a key nutritional staple to serving industrial objectives like biofuel generation and being a critical component in the food processing and animal feed industries.

In India, maize is farmed all year. It is mainly a Kharif crop, with 85 percent of the land under cultivation during the season. Also, maize is the third most important grain crop in India, following rice and wheat. It accounts for around 10% of total food grain production in the country. In this blog, we will discuss India's maize export industry, including some crucial market insights like maize export data, a list of maize exports from India, and updated maize exporters.

Let's explore the amazing world of India's maize export sector!

Is maize exported from India?

Yes, maize exports from India are possible. While there are several significant things to consider before exporting maize from India. One of the major key factors is market insight. Updated market research reports are required while entering the export market.

In reality, India exported a record amount of maize in the first ten months of the fiscal year 2021–22, totaling USD 816.31 million. This topped last year's total maize exports. Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka are among the top destinations for Indian maize exports.

In terms of best market research platform, Eximpedia is one of the best export import data provider globally. However, maize exports from India are a lucrative business, providing several business opportunities to traders.

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India's Maize Export Industry

Interestingly, India ranks fourth in maize area cultivated and seventh in total global output. India's maize (corn) export business has experienced some recent variations. Here's the breakdown for India maize exports:

Export Potential:

  • High producer: India ranks fourth in maize area farmed and seventh in overall production worldwide [ICAR-Indian Institute of Maize Research].
  • Export history: India has historically exported maize to neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, and Vietnam [Press Information Bureau].
  • Areas of Cultivation: India's major wheat-growing states include Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh.
  • India’s Production: Maize production is expected to reach 35.91 million metric tons in 2022-23 (third advance estimate).
  • Maize Export Data: As per maize export data, the country exported 3,453,680.58 MT of maize valued at Rs. 8,987.13 crores/1,116.17 USD million in 2022-23.
  • Export destinations: Major export destinations (2022-23) include Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

Maize Export from India: Ket Figures

As per maize export data, maize exports from India reached USD 816.31 million in the first 10 months of  the current fiscal year 2021-22 (April-January), above the USD 634.85 million obtained the previous year.

S.NoImporters of Indian MaizeMaize Exports (Million USD)

Neighbouring nations such as Bangladesh and Nepal are important importers of Indian maize. Bangladesh imported maize for USD 345.5 million this fiscal year (April-January), while Nepal imported maize worth USD 132.16 million.

Also, Vietnam has established itself as a major export market for maize. Maize exports from India worth USD 244.24 million to Vietnam during the first ten months of the current fiscal year (April-January 2021-22). Other major importers include Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Taiwan, and Oman. However, if you need an updated list of maize exports from India or maize exporters in India, connect with today!

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Now, look at the top maize exporting countries!

Top Maize Exporting Countries

Corn Exports by Country:

Below are the top 10 countries that exported corn during 2022.

S.NoMaize Exporting CountriesExport Values (in%)
1United States30.5%
8South Africa1.9%

In terms of value, the top 10 nations supplied 93.5% of global maize exports in 2022. The fastest-growing maize providers among the top exporters from 2021 to 2022 were Paraguay (up 1,343%), Brazil (up 192.8%), Poland (105.1%), and South Africa (up 49.8%).

However, Brazil is currently the largest exporter of maize in the world. They surpassed the United States, the previous leader, in the harvest year ending August 2023. Source: USDA statistics.

Corn exports from India: Key Facts

Corn exports from India have nearly come to a halt since December due to a surge in local prices due to the high demand from the poultry and ethanol industries.

India generally exports between 250,000 and 300,000 metric tonnes of maize every month, but in December, exports dropped to roughly 30,000 tonnes, according to merchants.

"India's maize exports have nearly stopped," said Nitin Gupta, senior vice president of Olam Agro India.

Also, typical buyers from India, including Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, have preferred to buy grain from South American countries that sell it at a significant discount to Indian pricing.

Future Potential of India's Maize

According to estimations, India produced 34.6 million tonnes (mt) of maize in 2023-24 and has the ability to quadruple maize output to close the supply-demand imbalance in the shortest amount of time while remaining cost-effective and sustainable.

However, the Indian maize market is already big, valued at USD 1.29 billion in 2024, and is expected to expand at a significant compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.74% by 2030.

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The government forecast 22.5 million metric tons of summer maize production in 2023/24, but traders estimate production was substantially lower due to the drought.

"Corn production, especially from the winter harvest, does not look encouraging. "Corn prices appear to remain elevated until September, when the next season's summer crop supplies are expected to begin," said a dealer headquartered in New Delhi.

How to find maize exporters in India?

To find out the updated maize exporters, you must consult with industry specialists and export import data provider companies such as to receive helpful maize exporters, maize importers, and up-to-date market information for corn exports from India.

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Wind Up!

In conclusion, maize exports from India have the potential for explosive growth. With increasing worldwide demand and a competitive advantage, Indian maize has the potential to become a big competitor in the global marketplace. Also, India can strengthen its position as a leading maize exporter by capitalizing on advances in cultivation techniques, expanding into new territory, and overcoming potential difficulties.

However, if you need any updated information related to India maize exports data, a list of maize exports from India, a major maize exporters list, or yellow maize exporters in India, visit and gain updated market insights. To schedule a free live demo, connect today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the biggest exporter of maize?

Brazil has surpassed the United States as the world's greatest maize exporter. Also, Brazil has emerged as the world's largest maize exporter in the harvest season that concluded in August 2023.

Q2. Which country imports maize from India?

Bangladesh and Nepal are significant maize importers from India. In the current fiscal year (April-January), Bangladesh imported USD 345.5 million of maize, whereas Nepal imported USD 132.16 million.

Q3. Who is the leading producer of maize in India?

Karnataka is India's highest maize producer, accounting for around 15% of the overall maize output.

Q4. Is corn exported from India?

Yes, India generally exports between 250,000 and 300,000 metric tonnes of maize every month, but in December, exports dropped to roughly 30,000 tonnes, according to merchants. To know the updated list of corn exports from India, or maize exporters data, visit to

Q5. What percentage of maize is exported from India?

According to maize export data, the country exported 3,453,680.58 MT of maize valued at Rs. 8,987.13 crores/1,116.17 USD million in 2022-23.

Q6. What are the 3 leading countries in corn exports?

These are the three leading countries in corn exports.

  • USA – (Q1: $3.86 billion) (Q2: $4.66 billion) (Q3: $2.22 billion)
  • Brazil – (Q1: $2.85 billion) (Q2: $545 million) (Q3: $5.26 billion)
  • Argentina – (Q1: $1.28 billion) (Q2: $1.47 billion) (Q3: $2.13 billion)

Q7. Who is the second largest producer of maize in the world?

China is the second largest corn-producing country in the world. Corn is mostly grown in China for animal feed, but it has increased in popularity as a viable alternative to rice. The annual maize production in China is 277 million tonnes.

Q8. Which country is the largest exporter of maize?

As pert maize export data, the top maize exporting countries are : United States, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine and France.


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