Saudi Arabia Importers List for Agricultural Products from India

Updated: 19-Apr-2024
Saudi Arabia Importers List for Agricultural Products from India

Saudi Arabia's agricultural imports from India have increased significantly in recent years, reflecting a larger trend of closer trade connections between the two countries. India, with its large agricultural production capacity, plays an important role in supplying the Saudi market's food and raw material needs.

This blog explores the significant agriculture products export from India to Saudi Arabia, identifies big Saudi Arabia importers, and provides updated market insights for Indian exporters seeking to enter this lucrative Middle Eastern market.

India Saudi Arabia Trade Relations

India and Saudi Arabia have warm and amicable relations, indicating long-standing economic and sociocultural links. During the financial year 2022, India's imports from Saudi Arabia reached US$ 22.65 billion, while its exports to Saudi Arabia were US$ 6.63 billion.

According to India export data, engineering goods, grains, petroleum products, chemicals, textiles, food products, and ceramic tiles are some of India's primary exports to Saudi Arabia.

Let’s explore the key points for India-Saudi Arabia Trade.

  • Saudi Arabia is India's fourth-largest trade partner.
  • More than 18% of India's crude oil imports come from Saudi Arabia.
  • In 2022-23, bilateral trade between India and Saudi Arabia totaled US$ 52.76 billion.
  • Saudi Arabia ranks 19th in FDI equity inflows into India, with a total FDI of US$ 3.22 billion from April 2000 to September 2023.
  • Saudi Arabia is a significant partner in India's energy security, just as India is an important partner in Saudi Arabia's food security.
  • In 2021-22, Saudi Arabia was India's second-largest source of hydrocarbon imports.

Agriculture Trade between India and Saudi Arabia

In 2021-22, India exported US $ 1550.54 million in agricultural and allied commodities to Saudi Arabia, a 4% decrease from the previous year 

a) Major agricultural products exports from India are rice (basmoti), sugar, buffalo meat, spices, and rice (other than basmoti).

b) Minor agricultural products exports from India to Saudi Arabia include mollases, groundnut, ayurvedic and herbal products, castor oil, and guergam meal. 

List of agriculture products exported from India

New potential export Products:

  • New potential agriculture exports from India include fresh or dried oranges and fresh or chilled tomatoes. Fresh or dry cashew nuts (in shell), husked or brown rice, wheat residues, including bran, sharps, and pellets.

Existing Export Products:

  • Existing agriculture exports from India include semi-milled or fully milled rice, whether polished or glazed. Cardamoms, not crushed or ground, Coffee (not roasted or decaffeinated), Solid residues, including oilcake and pellets, "Spices (excluding pepper of the genus Piper, fruit of the genus Capsicum or Pimenta, maize (excluding seed for sowing)," etc.

Major Export Destinations for Agriculture Products:

  • The primary importers of Indian agricultural products are the United States, Bangladesh, China, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nepal, and Malaysia. Korea, Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom are the remaining importers. 
  • During 2021-22, the United States was the top buyer of Indian agricultural products, accounting for $5.7 billion and 11.5% of total exports. 

Agriculture products export from India

India's agricultural exports fall into three categories: raw products, semi-raw products, and processed/ready-to-eat products. Furthermore, exported raw materials are frequently of low value and large volume, whereas semi-processed products are of intermediate value and limited volume. 

Here is the updated list of agriculture products exported from India.

S.NoAgriculture products export from India
1Basmati Rice/Non Basmati Rice
6Tea, Coffee
7marine products

Agriculture products exported from India are cereals (mostly Basmati and non-Basmati rice), spices, cashews, oilcakes/meals, tobacco, tea, coffee, and marine products. The contribution of agri-exports to the total exports of the country has ranged between 15 and 20%. However, India's agricultural exports include a wide variety of items, demonstrating the country's agricultural strength and diversity.

Key Agricultural Products Exported from India to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia imports a variety of agriculture products export from India, with the list including but not limited to:

S.NoAgriculture products export from India to Saudi Arabia Value in USD million
3Fruits and Vegetables61.22
5Meat and Seafood36.05
6Dairy Products35.78

Now, let’s discuss it briefly!

  1. Rice: India is one of the world's top rice producers, and it makes up a considerable portion of Saudi Arabia's imports. Also, basmati rice is Saudi Arabia's most important agricultural export, accounting for a sizable portion of the total value.
  2. Spices: Indian spices, noted for their quality and variety, are in high demand in Saudi Arabia. Some of the most popular Indian spices in Saudi Arabia are cardamom, turmeric, coriander, and ginger, as well as chilli and cumin.
  3. Fruits and Vegetables: India regularly exports mangoes, bananas, onions, and a range of leafy vegetables to Saudi markets.
  4. Tea: Indian tea, particularly from Assam and Darjeeling, is popular in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Meat and seafood: frozen meat and seafood items are also important, with India exporting buffalo meat and other fish.
  6. Dairy Products: Although in smaller quantities than other products, dairy commodities such as cheese and butter have a market in Saudi Arabia.  

How to find Saudi Arabia Importers List?

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Wind Up!

As the demand for quality agricultural products increases in Saudi Arabia, opportunities for Indian exporters are set to grow. The key to success lies in understanding the market, adhering to strict quality controls, and building strong business relationships. With the right approach and persistence, the Saudi market can be a lucrative destination for Indian agricultural exports.

This blog should serve as a starting point for Indian exporters looking to explore and succeed in the Saudi Arabian market. With accurate market insights, traders can easily expand their business in the international market. To schedule a free live demo, click here!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

1. Which agriculture product is the highest export from India?

Sugar and rice have been India's two main agriculture products export from India.

  • Rice: India exported 21.21 million tonnes (mt) of rice in 2021–2022, valued at USD 9.66 billion. This was a record high.

  • Sugar: Compared to the previous fiscal year's USD 2.79 billion, sugar exports reached a record value of USD 4.60 billion in 2021–2022.

2. What are the top 5 agriculture exports?

As per agriculture products export data, the top five agricultural exports are: Basmati Rice/Non Basmati Rice, Spices, Cashews, oilcakes/meals and tobacco

3. How to export agriculture products from India?

To export agriculture products from India, you need to obtain updated market insights such as agriculture products export from India, list of agriculture products exports from India, agri products HS codes and much more. 

4. Which product Saudi Arabia imports from India?

India exports a large amount of engineering items, rice, petroleum products, chemicals, textiles, food products, and ceramic tiles to Saudi Arabia. Conversely, India imports a significant amount of crude oil, LPG, fertilizers, chemicals, plastic, and related products from Saudi Arabia.

5. Who are the biggest importers of food in Saudi Arabia?

As per agriculture products import data, Germany, the USA, China, Italy, Spain or the Netherlands. Other major suppliers of food products for the Saudi market are India, Egypt and Brazil.


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