Top Strategies for Successful Rubber Exports from India

Updated: 01-May-2024
Top Strategies for Successful Rubber Exports from India

Key Highlights:

  • India is one of the top producers of natural rubber, which is utilized as a vital raw material in several sectors.

  • India is the world's fourth-largest producer of natural rubber and has a robust domestic supply chain that will support your exports.

  • Based on rubber export data, 1,192 Indian exporters shipped 124K KG of natural rubber to 5,054 buyers.

  • The top rubber exports from India are: Engine Mount, Vibration Isolators, Transmission mount, Sandwich Mount, and Anti-vibration rubber mount

  • As per rubber product exporters data, the top rubber exporting countries are Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Belgium.

  • The top 5 export destinations for India's rubber product exports encompass various countries such as the United States, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and China.

India, with its enormous plantations and highly skilled labor population, is a prominent player in the worldwide rubber business. However, managing the export market requires a sharp eye to maximize profits. India is one of the top producers of natural rubber, which is used as a vital raw material in several sectors, including the automotive and healthcare industries. 

Also, India ranks third globally in the production and consumption of natural rubber and fourth globally in the combined use of natural and synthetic rubber. With a long history of cultivating rubber, mostly focused in areas like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, the nation plays a crucial role in the world rubber industry. 

These are a few successful strategies to increase earnings in India's rubber export industry. In this blog, we will explore the techniques for successful rubber exports from India, along with rubber product exporters, rubber exporting countries, and updated rubber export data. 

Is the rubber business profitable?

Rubber, a valuable rubber cultural product, is derived from the latex of the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Rubber's special qualities, such as flexibility, water resistance, and electrical non-conductivity, make it valuable. It can also make pneumatic tyres, waterproof materials, and insulating materials. The production of rubber has significantly strengthened India's economy. 

The rubber business can be profitable, but there are some factors to consider:

  • Industry: The rubber industry is large and includes everything from producing tires and medical gloves to cultivating natural rubber. Certain sectors, like automobile rubber parts, are typically more profitable than others.

  • Market Volatility: Variations in weather and geopolitical events might affect the price of natural rubber. Profit margins may suffer as a result.

  • Global Competition: Due to the competitive nature of the rubber sector, having a clear niche and a solid business plan are essential.

Rubber Export Business in India

Do you know? India is the world's fourth-largest producer of natural rubber and has a robust domestic supply chain that will support your exports. Also, global market opportunities are becoming more and more accessible due to increased production and government backing for export initiatives. 

A vast array of end industries employ industrial rubber products. Among all end-use industries, the automotive sector accounted for a significant portion of the global demand for industrial rubber goods.

Before getting started, it's a good idea to learn about the market for particular rubber products, identify trustworthy suppliers prioritizing quality, and comprehend international trade laws. To learn about the actual shipments of rubber exports from India, visit Eximpedia today and obtain updated rubber export data. 

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Overview of Rubber exports from India

India has become a well-known participant in the international rubber product export industry. This synopsis explores the salient characteristics of the rubber product export industry in India. As per rubber export data, India exports more than Rs. 2000 crore worth of rubber goods, including tyres. The following rubber exports from India are:

  • Vehicle tyres and tubes

  • Canvas and rubber shoes

  • bicycle tyres

  • pharmaceutical products

  • Cots, rubber hoses, and aprons

  • Belts and belt loops

  • Using sheets

During the fiscal year 2022, about 3.56,000 metric tonnes of natural rubber were exported from India. Compared to the prior fiscal year, this was a substantial decline.

Rubber exports from India: 2023-24

Rubber Exports from IndiaRubber export data
Total Shipments      1,192
Rank (Global)1st
Number of Indian Rubber product Exporters     124K
Number of International Buyers        5,054
Granite HS Code 40169990, 40129049 and 40082190

Let’s first analyze the table for rubber export data or rubber exports from India!

  • According to rubber export data, 1,192 Indian exporters shipped 124K KG of natural rubber to 5,054 buyers.

  • India is the world's second-largest exporter of natural rubber, with the majority of its shipments going to the US, the Philippines, and the Netherlands.

  • Vietnam leads the world in shipments of natural rubber with 140,637, followed by India with 123,981, and Germany in third place with 104,870.

  • The top rubber HSCodes are:  40169990, 40129049; and 40082190: 

Top rubber Exports from India

India's rubber cultural exports are an evolving array that caters to a wide range of global tastes. Here's a look at the top rubber exports from India:

  • Engine Mount.

  • Vibration Isolators.

  • Transmission mount.

  • Sandwich Mount.

  • Anti-vibration rubber mount.

  • Cabin Mount.

  • Strut Mount.

  • Leaf spring shackle Assy

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So, these are the top rubber products exports from India. However, India is a crucial contributor to the global rubber export market. Also, if you want an updated  rubber product exporters list, India rubber export data, or the best rubber product for export from India, connect with the Eximpedia app anytime.

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Top Rubber Exporting Countries

Here is the updated table for rubber exporting countries!

S.NoRubber Exporting Countries

Rubber Export Data (Export Values)



Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia are the top rubber exporting countries. India's rubber culture industry has room to grow in terms of exports. Additionally, use the Eximpedia app to get the most up-to-date information on rubber product exporters in India, a list of rubber products exported from India.

India’s Top Rubber Products Export Destinations

The top 5 export destinations for India's rubber product exports encompass various countries.

S.NoMajor Importers of Indian rubber ProductsImport Values
1United States$3.7 billion
2United Arab Emirates$2.8 billion
3Germany$1.3 billion
4China$ 5.3 billion
5Nepal$ 4.5 billion

So, the main importers of Indian rubber products are the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, China, and Nepal. 

Future Outlook for India's Rubber Products

Without a doubt, India will be the main development driver in this decade, given the saturation point that rubber consumption has reached in many Western nations and the shift in rubber consumption to the Asia Pacific region. Over 8% annual growth in the rubber sector is predicted for this decade. The industry is expected to expand at a pace of 8% annually, with a per capita consumption of 0.8 kg of rubber compared to 14 kg before 2028.

How to find rubber exporters in India?

Eximpedia understands your need to connect with reputable rubber exporters in India. Visit our data-driven dashboard for access to the most recent rubber product export data from across the globe. We provide a list of rubber products exported from India, exact, current, and authentic  rubber product exporters, and much more.

Final Words

In conclusion, a strategic strategy considering quality control, logistical effectiveness, and market dynamics is necessary for successful rubber exports from India. Exporters can increase their profitability and competitiveness in the global market by concentrating on these important factors. Maintaining success over time will also require keeping up with changes in regulations and industry trends. 

However, if you require assistance locating the best rubber product for export from India or rubber product export data, please get in touch with at any time. If you need data related to rubber product exporters in India, our team of experts is here to help you. Register here to schedule a complimentary live demo.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

1. Who is the leading exporter of rubber?

As per rubber export data, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia are the top three exporters of rubber. In terms of exports, India's rubber culture sector has potential to expand.

2. How much rubber does India export?

Based on rubber export data, 1,192 Indian exporters shipped 124K KG of natural rubber to 5,054 buyers.

3. What is the rank of India in rubber production?

Among the other NR rubber-producing nations, India is currently ranked sixth in the globe. With 5.8% of the global natural rubber production as of December 2022, India is ranked sixth among the top producers of natural rubber.

4. Who is the largest consumer of rubber?

Globally, China is the largest market for natural rubber. Additionally, China employs natural rubber for a range of manufacturing purposes, particularly tyre and vehicle manufacture.

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Top Rubber Export Countries

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