Discover the Top 5 Strategies of Pomegranate Export from India

Updated: 27-May-2024
Discover the Top 5 Strategies of Pomegranate Export from India

Key Highlights

  • Indian pomegranates are becoming more and more popular worldwide because of their unique flavour and nutritional advantages.
  • Maharashtra is the state that produces the most pomegranates in India, accounting for more than 54% of the crop.
  • As per pomegranate export data, India exported 120,641metric tonss of pomegranates to 8,106 purchasers via 3,133 exporters in 2023–2024.
  • The USA, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates are important export markets.
  • Pomegranates' popularity and profitability are fueled by the appreciation of their health advantages.
  • According to pomegranate exporters data, Tasty BiteEatables Ltd., Kaushal Agro, and Sanghvi Quality Products are some of the top exporters of pomegranates from India.

The vibrant pomegranates of India are a taste revelation, and demand for them is rising worldwide. Also, many consider it a "superfood" because of its high nutritional content. In Maharashtra, pomegranates are a major fruit crop. Pomegranate production is the largest in India, covering 43,151 acres and yielding 4,31,510 metric tonnes, or over 85% of the total output.

Despite that, exporters could need help with pomegranate exports from India. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you start if you want to enter the Indian pomegranate export market. We will look at the list of pomegranate importers, pomegranate export data, pomegranate exporters from India, pomegranate HS code, and much more in this blog post.

Why are Pomegranate Exports Profitable?

The growing demand for pomegranates as a healthy and exotic fruit and their export-friendly properties make them a promising crop for nations with suitable growing conditions and export facilities.

Let's look at pomegranate exports from India; they're a gateway to a thriving global export industry.

  • Growing Demand and High Value: Pomegranates are becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide due to their alleged health advantages and distinctive flavour. 
  • Advantageous Climate in India: The country's climate is ideal for pomegranate farming, enabling several harvests annually. 
  • Possibility for Value Addition: By turning pomegranates into goods with additional value, such as juice, arils, or pomegranate concentrate, pomegranate exports could be improved even further.

So, the possibility for value-added goods, distinctive varieties, good growing circumstances, and growing worldwide demand all contribute to the success of pomegranate exports from India. Indian exporters now have a lucrative chance to enter the global market, thanks to this combination.

Let’s explore the major pomegranate producing states in India:

Major Pomegranate Producing States in India

With over half of the global pomegranate production going to Maharashtra, the state is without a doubt the leader in this regard. Below are the major pomegranate producing states in India:

S.NoPomegranate Producing States in IndiaProducing Values
1 Maharashtra54.85%
2 Gujarat21.28%
3 Karnataka9.51%
4 Andhra Pradesh8.82%
5 Madhya Pradesh2.34%
6 Rajasthan2.19%
7 Telangana0.53%
8 Chhattisgarh0.19%
9 Tamil Nadu0.10%
10 Himachal Pradesh0.09%

Maharashtra is the major producer of pomegranates in India, accounting for more than half of the crop. Additionally, significant providers include Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

Now, explore the updated pomegranate exports from India or pomegranate export data!

Pomegranate Export Data 2023-24

Now let's examine the table containing the pomegranate export data!

Pomegranate Exports from IndiaPomegranate Export Data from India (Value)
 Total Shipments (Tonnes)120,641
 Number of Exporters3,133 
 Number of Buyers8,106
 Top Pomegranate HS Codes08109010


  • Pomegranate export data shows that in 2023–24, 3,133 Indian exporters sold to 8,106 purchasers, accounting for a total of 120.6K in pomegranate exports from India.
  • India is the world's greatest exporter of pomegranates, with the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, and Nepal being its top export destinations.
  • With 120,641 pomegranate exports, India is the top exporter, followed by Turkey with 56,310, and Afghanistan with 6,857 shipments in third position.
  • India's top three product categories for pomegranate are: pomegranate hs code: 08109010.

Indian Pomegranates Export Destinations

Based on pomegranate exporter from India, some of the major destinations for Indian pomegranate exporters include:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Netherlands
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. Qatar
  7. Kuwait
  8. Bahrain
  9. Oman
  10. Malaysia

Thus, pomegranate exporters find these countries to be appealing markets due to the high demand for pomegranates, both processed and fresh. But if you're looking for a current list of the top 10 nations that export pomegranates, Indian exporters of pomegranates Contact right now for Pomegranate export data!

Top 10 Pomegranate Exporting Countries

Let’s explore the table first!

S.NoPomegranate Exporting CountriesPomegranate Export Data
1 Canada$491.6M
2 Malaysia$289.2M
3 Poland$287.2M
4 Chile$224.6M
5 United States$199.4M
6 Serbia$153.8M
7 Netherlands$152.7M
8 Mexico$106.2M
9 Turkey$83.8M
10 Germany$68.8M

Therefore, these nations export pomegranates. Additionally, connect with the platform to get the most recent reports on import data, exim data and export data from India, in case you require up-to-date information about pomegranate exporters from India or pomegranate export data.

Now, review the top pomegranate exporters from India

Major Pomegranate Exporters in India

Pomegranates are being aggressively exported to the international market by a number of Indian businesses. Among the well-known Indian exporters of pomegranates are:

  • Kaushal Agro
  • Sanghvi Quality Products
  • Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd
  • Vezlay Foods Pvt Ltd
  • ABC Exports
  • Dev Exports
  • Himalaya Agro
  • Kandhari Beverages

So these are the major pomegranate exporters. These exporters are well-known for their reliable supply chains and premium products, and they have a sizable worldwide footprint. Want access to exporters of pomegranates worldwide? For the most recent information about pomegranate exports from India and a list of exporters, get in touch with

Top 5 Strategies of Pomegranate Export from India

Here are the top 5 strategies for pomegranate export from India:

  1. Focus on Quality and Certifications: Uphold strict quality control measures at every stage of the growing process, from picking the best variety to harvesting and packaging. Arakta, Ganesh, and Bhaganwel are popular export kinds. Acquire certifications such as Eurep GAP and Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) to guarantee compliance with global quality standards.
  2. Target the Right Markets: Identify which nations have an increasing need for imported pomegranates. Major importers of pomegranates are Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Examine the unique needs and inclinations of every intended audience. This entails being aware of fruit sizes, popular types, quality requirements, and preferred packaging. Nevertheless, go to if you're searching for precise pomegranate exporters,list of pomegranate exports from India or pomegranate export statistics.
  3. Partner with Reliable Suppliers and Logistics Providers: Build a connection with reliable pomegranate producers who can reliably supply top-notch fruits that meet your requirements. Join online platforms with a reliable goods forwarder who has handled perishables before. To ensure that temperatures are maintained during transit, make sure they are knowledgeable about cold chain logistics and gain accurate pomegranate exports from India statistics.
  4. Comply with Regulations and Documentation: Learn about the import laws governing your intended markets, especially those pertaining to phytosanitary standards and paperwork requirements. Get the appropriate export licences and certifications from the Export Development Authority for Agricultural and Processed Food Products (APEDA).
  5. Obtain a trustworthy list of fruit exporters: Making informed decisions in the export market requires having access to a reliable list of pomegranate exports from India. Eximpedia, a reputable source of export-import information from India, offers helpful advice for managing the global fruit trade. Also, explore the export activities of your rivals to find out more about the sorts of fruits they ship, the markets they want to penetrate, and the number of shipments they produce. You might therefore acquire a competitive edge.

How to Find the Pomegranate Exporters?

To identify the leading pomegranate exporters in India, visit Eximpedia’s data-driven dashboard. We furnish over 130 countries with authentic, dependable, and recent insights on global trade. We also offer major pomegranate exports from India, pomegranate Export data and pomegranate HS codes. is one of the best data-driven platforms for analyzing shipments worldwide. We have an exclusive global database, so you can obtain global trade data without any obstacles.

Final words!

Exporting pomegranates from India to other countries might be financially advantageous for Indian businesses. You may take advantage of the rising demand for this healthful fruit and establish a successful export business by using the right strategy, producing high-quality goods, and adhering to export regulations.

Indian exporters can profitably enter this market by emphasizing compliance, strategic alliances, and quality.  In order to arrange a free live demo or to ask any questions you may have regarding pomegranate exporters or pomegranate export data, please get in touch with our team of dedicated specialists right now!


Q1. Who is the largest exporter of pomegranates in the world?

Globally, Iran is the world's top producer and exporter of pomegranates, with an estimated yearly production of 670,000 metric tons.

Q2. Which state is the largest producer of pomegranates in India?

Maharashtra is India's largest pomegranate producing state, accounting for 70.2% of total land and almost 66% of total production.

Q3. Which fruit is most exported from India?

As per pomegranate exporter data, pomegranates, referred to as "jewels of winter," are among the most widely exported fruits from India.

Q4. Which is the new variety of pomegranate in India?

The Central Arid Zone Research Institute in Jodhpur published CAZri Vishal in 2020. It is a cross between the Ganesh and Khog types.

Q5. What countries export pomegranates?

The major pomegranate exporting countries are: Canada, Malaysia, Poland, Chile and United States.

Q6. Which country imports pomegranates from India?

Based on pomegranate import data, the top importing countries from India are the UAE, Bangladesh and Qatar.

Q7. List out India’s Import destination for pomegranates

As per pomegranate export data, the major destinations for pomegranates are: UAE, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia.


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