Major Handicrafts Products Exported from India to the USA

Updated: 19-Dec-2023
Major Handicrafts Products Exported from India to the USA

India, rich in cultural variety and creative legacy, has long been lauded for its magnificent handicrafts. Indian artists continue to create masterpieces that enchant the globe, using ancient techniques passed down through generations and modern modifications. The United States is a prominent destination for Indian handicraft exports, where a wide variety of handcrafted artifacts make their way into the homes and hearts of art enthusiasts. In this blog, we'll look at some essential handicraft products India exports to the United States, highlighting the handicrafts exporter or updated handicrafts export data.

Overview of handicraft exports from India

India is famous for its rich patterns and high-quality handicrafts. As a result of globalization, more customers worldwide can now buy and sell handicrafts, bringing this product category to worldwide marketplaces. As India's exports have grown, many handicraft exporters have progressed from small-scale merchants to multinational exporters. Many of these vendors have been able to ship their handcrafted goods worldwide and sell them on international marketplaces.

The handicraft sector rapidly expands as Indian handicrafts receive global recognition and respect. Ceramics, wooden carvings, embroidery, bamboo work, and hand paints are among the favourite goods for the house and kitchen. Over 35,000 handcrafted goods are available from the industry in Agra, Varanasi, Bareilly, Lucknow, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Surat, among other places.

A Brief Overview of Handicrafts Exports: 2022–23

Despite worldwide concerns, the Indian handicrafts business had a solid year in 2022–23, indicating resilience and expansion. Here's a basic overview:

India is a significant exporter of handicrafts and the market leader in terms of both volume and value for handmade carpets. According to India handicraft export data, the total amount of handicraft exports between April 2022 and February 2023 was US$ 3 billion.

Based on handicraft export data, the total value of Indian handicraft exports in 2021–22 was $4.35 billion, a 25.7% increase over the previous year. Over the last three years, the export of handmade handicrafts, notably carpets, has expanded dramatically. India accounts for over 40% of the world's handmade carpet exports.

US: Top Destination for Indian Handicrafts

The rich tapestry of Indian handicrafts has long enthralled the United States, and this love has translated into a robust export business. India exports a substantial number of handicrafts to the United States, making it the top destination for Indian handicrafts globally, accounting for around 38% of total exports in 2020-21.

Based on USA Import Data, the United States is the leading purchaser of Indian handicrafts, accounting for 38% of total exports in 2020-21. India exports carpet to about 70 nations globally, with the majority going to the United States, Australia, and Europe.

The United States is a significant purchaser of hand printed fabrics, zari woods, embroidered products, counterfeit jewelry, and shawls. According to handicrafts exporter data, the carpet exports to the United States were valued at over $1.2 billion in 2021–22. The United Kingdom buys paintings, crocheted items, handmade handicrafts, wood commodities, and counterfeit jewellery from India.

The country has also been a significant importer of handmade carpets from India. The UAE is a significant buyer of hand printed fabrics, embroidered items, and art metalware.

Top Handicrafts Products Exported from India to the USA

Based on handicrafts export data, these are the top handicrafts products exported from India to the USA:

1. Textiles and Fabrics:

The textile industry in India is well-known for its brilliant colours, elaborate designs, and various textiles. Exquisite handmade textiles such as sarees, shawls, and scarves make their way to the United States, appealing to individuals who value artistry. Traditional weaving techniques such as Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, and Ikat contribute to the demand for Indian textiles in the US market.

2. Metalware and Brass Handicrafts:

Metal crafting has been refined in India for millennia. Brass and metalware objects, such as figurines, utensils, and decorative items, demonstrate Indian artists' talent. The elaborate design and brilliant colours set these goods apart in the American market, where they are valued for their aesthetic appeal and cultural importance.

3. Wooden Handicrafts:

Indian wooden handicrafts have a timeless appeal, carved with precision and embellished with exquisite motifs. Wooden furniture, sculptures, and decor pieces made of Sheesham and Teak are exported to the United States, showcasing the country's rich woodworking traditions. The beautiful carvings frequently tell mythology, folklore, and spirituality stories, providing a sense of cultural complexity to American houses.

4. Pottery and ceramics:

India's pottery and ceramic traditions are as diverse as its cultural environment. From Jaipur's famous blue pottery to West Bengal's terracotta works, Indian pottery exports to the United States add a touch of authenticity to homes. Dinnerware and ornamental objects like vases and sculptures found their way into American homes, combining usefulness and artistry.

5. Jewelry and Gemstones:

The attraction of Indian jewels and adornments is well known worldwide, and the United States is no exception. Indian artisans' talent is displayed in intricately created gold and silver jewellery and traditional gemstone-studded pieces. With their distinct designs, Kundan, Meenakari, and Jadau jewellery bring a regal touch to fashion in the US.

6. Leather Goods:

The skill of Indian leather workers can be seen in the export of leather items to the United States. Handmade leather bags, wallets, and accessories combine classic techniques and contemporary designs. These accessories are appealing to consumers who want both usefulness and style in their accessories.

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Other significant mentions:

  • Carpets: Hand-woven carpets from countries such as Jammu Kashmir and Rajasthan are valued assets in many American households.

  • Zari and Zari Products: Embellishing textiles and accessories with exquisite gold and silver threads add a touch of richness and history.

The popularity of each category may differ depending on current trends and regional preferences within the United States. Indian handicrafts, on the other hand, continually offer a unique blend of heritage, artistry, and affordability, making them a favourite among American buyers.

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How to obtain handicrafts exporters list?

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In conclusion, the export of Indian handicrafts to the United States demonstrates the country's rich artistic legacy and the world's appreciation for its skill. These handcrafted jewels beautify living spaces across the oceans and communicate stories of tradition, culture, and the enduring spirit of Indian craftsmanship.

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