Everything You Need to Know About Potato Export from India

Updated: 19-Oct-2023
Everything You Need to Know About Potato Export from India

Key Highlights:

  • India is a major hub for potato exports in the world

  • The volume of potatoes produced in India was 59.74 million metric tons in the fiscal year 2022–23

  • The top Potato producing countries are: India, China and Ukraine

  • As per  potato export data from India, India exported over 2.5 million metric tons of potatoes, worth over $1 billion in 2022.

  • The most famous varieties of potatoes are: Kufri Khyati, Kufri Jyoti and Bhura Aloo

  • According to potato export data, the top potato export destinations are Netherlands, France, and Germany.

  • Several documents required to export potatoes from India:Phytosanitary certificate, Fumigation certificate, import-export code etc.

As we know, India is the second-biggest producer of potatoes after China, and its export market is rapidly growing. In 2022–23, India exported over INR 7 billion (USD 85 million) worth of potatoes, based on potato export data. However, India's potato exports reached USD 5351038 during January to October 2023, down from USD 8596553 in the same period in 2022. 

Also, India is a major hub for potato exports in the world. According to potato export data from India,  India exported USD 11386204 worth of potatoes to the world in 2022.  

In this blog post, we will discuss the Indian potato export market, including the top potato-producing countries and the primary destination of potato export. We will also furnish an overview of the latest India potato exports for 2024.

How much Potato is produced in India 2023-24?

Potatoes are a staple food in India and are consumed in a variety of ways, including fresh, boiled, fried, and processed. It is also a significant source of export revenue for India.

In fiscal years 2023-24, the volume of potato produced in India is expected to be around 59.74 million metric tonnes. This represented an increase of more than three million metric tonnes over the previous fiscal year. The majority of Indian potatoes originate in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, the volume of potatoes produced in India was 59.74 million metric tons in the fiscal year 2022–23. This is over 3 million metric tons more than the quantity of potatoes produced last year, 2021-22. The majority of the Indian potatoes arrived from the northern states of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Bihar.

Top Potato Producing Countries:

Below are the top potatoes producing countries:

  • China: 94,362,175 metric tons

  • India: 54,230,000 metric tons

  • Ukraine: 21,356,320 metric tons

  • USA: 18,582,370 metric tons

  • Russian Federation: 18,295,535 metric tons 

  • Germany. 11,312,100 metric tons

  • Bangladesh. 9,887,242 metric tons

  • France; 8,987,220 metric tons

So, China is the largest producer of potatoes worldwide, followed by India. Both countries contribute about one third of the total potato production across the globe. Potatoes are a versatile crop that can be grown in a variety of climates, which is why they are produced all over the world.

Indian Potato Export Data Analysis: 2023-24

The potato export data shows that the global potato market size was valued at USD 3 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.47% during the forecast period of 2023-2028. Based on export data for potatoes, India exported over 2.5 million metric tons of potatoes, worth over $1 billion in 2022. Between January and September 2022, India exported around 1,53,000 tons of fresh or refrigerated potatoes appropriate for producing potato chips. 

As per the exporter data for potatoes, the major export destinations for Indian potatoes are Sri Lanka, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. Overall, total exports from India demonstrated fair growth from 2019 to 2022: their volume increased at a moderate annual rate of +1.9% over the last three years.

At EximPedia.app, we provide comprehensive India potato exports data,  potato export data, and updated Indian export data for broad categories of import and export trading firms.

Which potato is exported from India?

In India, potatoes are one of the major food crops. It is used in veggies, salads, curries, and other dishes. India exports potatoes to more than 30 nations worldwide, making it the world's second-largest potato exporter.

Potato exporters in India export various varieties of potatoes, including Kufri Pukhraj, Kufri Jyoti, Kufri Bahar, Bhura Aloo, and so on. Even though India is a significant exporter of potatoes, it is also one of the biggest consumers of potatoes in the world. Here are some of the most famous varieties of potatoes consumed globally.

  • Kufri Khyati. 

Kufri Khyati is a high-yielding variety of potatoes. Kufri Khyati has average resistance to late blight. This variety is produced in the plains of India.

  • Kufri Jyoti

Kufri Jyoti is one of the most famous varieties of potatoes. This variety is easy to cook and has a waxy texture. It has a mild flavor and is suitable for instant flakes and chips. 

  • Bhura Aloo

Another essential kind of potato is Bhura Aloo, primarily found in Bihar. It is a native kind that is typically not productive when grown. The popularity of red-skinned potatoes among farmers strengthens the demand for bhura aloo.

So, if you are a trader looking to export various kinds of potatoes globally and need market information such as potato exports from India, potato export data, or Indian potato exports statistics, you can contact EximPedia.app. Here you can find the updated list of exporters and importers, exporting potatoes India, and updated HS codes. 

India’s top potato export destination:

According to estimates, the Indian potato exports market will slow in the first half of 2024 before picking up again in the second half of the year. In fact, India is expected to experience negative growth in the first and second quarters of 2024. The chart below depicts expected values for India potato exports in 2024.

Where are Potatoes Exported to?

According to potato export data, here are the top 10 potato destinations in 2021-22 in terms of export value:

  • Netherlands ($964.5 million)

  • France ($552.2 million)

  • Germany ($323.3 million)

  • Canada ($262.8 million)

  • United States ($259.4 million)

  • China ($211.3 million)

  • Egypt ($151.8 million)

  • Spain ($126.3 million)

  • Belgium ($124.2 million)

  • Pakistan's ($112.3 million)


Potato Export Data (million USD)









United States












According to potato export data, the Netherlands is the foremost exporter of potatoes, accounting for approximately 20% of the international market. The country has a favorable climate and soil conditions for growing potatoes and a well-developed infrastructure for exporting agricultural products. France is the second-biggest exporter of potatoes, followed by Germany, Canada, and the United States. These four countries account for almost 60% of the international potato export market.

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Potato exports from India: Step by Step Guide

India is a prominent player in the worldwide potato export industry, with the world's third-largest potato crop and rapidly growing exports.  Accessing Your Potential in the Global Potato Market? Here's your guide to potato exports from India:

1. Choose the Right Potatoes: 

Not all potatoes are exportable. Choose types that meet the quality and phytosanitary standards of your intended market. Examine their preferences for size, colour, and disease resistance.

2. Protect important documentation:

  • Import-Export Code (IEC): Set up your business for international trading.

  • APEDA Registration: Get this certification from the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority for agricultural exports.

  • Phytosanitary Certificate: This certificate, provided by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, certifies that your potatoes are pest and disease-free.

3. Packing and Labeling: 

  • Follow your destination country's import laws for package material, size, and weight.

  • Label your shipments clearly with product and inspection information, as well as your company information.

4. Find a Global Partner: 

  • Connect with buyers at trade shows, online platforms like Eximpedia.app, or directly contact importers.

  • Gain updated and accurate potato export data and  potato export from India Statistics

5. Logistics and Documentation: 

  • Collaborate with a reputable freight forwarder or shipping company to ensure smooth transit.

  • Prepare the essential paperwork, including business invoices, bills of lading, and packing lists.

6. It's time to export!

With all the documentation and logistics in place, you can confidently export your potatoes to your preferred destination.

Challenges for the Potato Export Market

The existence of low quality potatoes is a major barrier to the expansion of the potato export business. The growth of the global potato sector is being hampered by irrelevent and out-dated market information.

Due to inadequate supplier and buyer information, HS codes, and export import data, traders face complexities in the potato export procedure. It is advisable to obtain the relevant potato export data, India potato exports data, or potato export data from India from a reputed data driven platform. One of the best market research platforms is EximPedia.app, where you can obtain the most accurate and updated Indian export data.

How to find buyers for potatoes? 

Simply, you need to visit Eximpedia's data-driven dashboard to analyze the buyers and suppliers of potatoes globally. 

Eximpedia is a platform that provides export import data and offers reliable, current, and authentic information about global trade for 100+ countries. Along with other items, we also offer export- import trade data and an updated Indian exporter list.

In conclusion, exporting potatoes from India is a complicated procedure that needs to be carefully planned and executed. You may increase your chances of success in the global potato export market by seeking advice from export and import market experts. Feel free to contact Eximpedia.app for all your queries related to HS codes, potato export data, India potato exports insights, export import data, or Indian potato exports imports data. Our experts will guide you to the best of their knowledge and expertise.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who are the top potato exporters in India?

According to potato export data, ITC Limited, Allanasons Pvt. Ltd., and M/s. Hari & Co. International LLP are the top potato exporters.

Which country exports potatoes from India?

As per India potato exports data, the biggest export destinations for Indian potatoes are Sri Lanka, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

How much potato is produced in India 2023?

In fiscal year 2023, the volume of potato produced in India is expected to be around 59.74 million metric tonnes.

Which country is the largest exporter of potatoes?

This potato export data from India illustrates that the Netherlands was rated first, with an annual potato export value of around 964.5 million USD.

How to export potatoes from India?

To export potatoes from India, you will need to secure certain permits and licences. These include an export licence, a phytosanitary certificate, a fumigation certificate, an import-export code, an APEDA registration, etc.

What documents are required to export potatoes from India?

There are several documents required to export potatoes from India:

  1. Phytosanitary certificate
  2. Fumigation certificate, 
  3. import-export code, 
  4. APEDA registration
  5. bills of lading
  6. Commercial Invoices

What countries import the most potatoes?

According to potato import data, the top importers of potatoes, fresh or chilled, in 2022.

  • Belgium - 13.8% of global imports ($676 million)
  • USA - 8.46% ($413 million).
  • Spain - 7.77 percent ($379 million)
  • Netherlands – 6.9% ($337 million)
  • Germany – 4.84% ($236 million)

Does the USA export potatoes?

As per potato export data from India, 20% of US potatoes are exported. For the first time, Mexico became the United States' largest potato export market from July 2022 to June 2023. 

How can I get Indian potato export data?

Eximpedia is a platform that provides reliable and most updated Indian Potato export data. We update our dashboard on a daily basis. Also, at our dedicated data-driven platform, you can obtain 100+ countries global trade data. 


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