Look into India Top 10 Exports 2024: Trends and Opportunities

Updated: 05-Jan-2024
Look into India Top 10 Exports 2024: Trends and Opportunities

Key Highlights:

  • Major exports of India, includes petroleum products, diamonds, and jewellery.

  • Exports are vital for traders because they create jobs, raise living standards, and contribute considerably to the economy.

  • Most exported products from India include Petroleum products, gems and jewellery, textiles and garments, medicines, organic and inorganic chemicals, machinery and equipment, iron and steel, cars, dairy products, and tea are among India's top ten exports.

  • India's top export destinations include the United States, the UAE, the Netherlands, China, Bangladesh, Singapore, Brazil, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Germany, and Hong Kong.

  • Did you know what India exports the most? India's top export includes Petroleum Products, Gems & Jewellery and Textiles and Garments etc.  

  • Non-traditional markets such as Africa, Latin America, and Oceania are likely to expand, giving India possibilities to diversify its export portfolio.

  • Global export data includes information such as product description, quantity, price, and harmonized code of the product, and can be obtained from platforms like Eximpedia.

With its varied range of exports, India, a developing economic powerhouse, has made significant progress in the global market. The country's diverse export market provides the world with a wide range of items, from petroleum products to gems and jewellery. Do you want to export but aren't sure what you'll export? What are the most exported products from India? No need to be concerned; we've come up with a list of 10 popular products from India that you can export. Today, we delve into the incredible world of India's top 10 exports, Major exports of India and  exploring trends, potential, and hidden gems in each.

Why is exporting important for traders?

India has one of the world's fastest-growing economies, sometimes on the verge of overtaking the United States and China. Because of the world's limited and concentrated resources, trade has become a significant aspect of a country's economy. The quick evolution and increase in what people need and desire has a considerable impact on the requirements for importing and exporting commodities. Trade, on the other hand, creates jobs and enhances living standards. India's top 10 exports or Major exports of India have long been a major contributor to its economy, making it one of the world's largest exporters.

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When working in global trade, it is critical to comprehend current market trends and consumer preferences. The importance of export-import data must be recognized because it contains basic information about all imported items, such as the product name, HS Code, cost, quantity, source destination name, India imports by country, and so on. As a result, Export products from India is critical for merchants who wish to expand their business.

Most exported products from India

India has a varied and vibrant export business that covers a wide range of items. Let's go into the Major exports of india or Most exported products from India: 

Let’s explore the pie chart for top exported products from India!

  1. Leather products

  2. Petroleum products

  3. Dairy products

  4. Textile and apparel products

  5. Automobiles and equipments

  6. Gems and jewellery

  7. Organic and inorganic chemicals

  8. Pharmaceuticals 

  9. Handloom and cotton yarns

  10. Cereals

Major Exported Products from India

In terms of exports, India has a broad and fascinating basket of goods, ranking as the world's 14th largest exporter. In FY 2023, refined petroleum products were India's most export product, at more than 8.5 trillion Indian rupees (about $103 billion). India's excellent refining infrastructure and geographical location position it as a vital supplier of these critical commodities to countries such as the UAE, Singapore, and China.

India shines strongly in this arena, ranking as the world's fifth-largest exporter of these premium commodities. Cut and polished diamonds, as well as precious metals and sophisticated jewellery work, are the top exports of India. Countries such as the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom are eager to tap into India's top 10 exports list.

It's important to remember that India's top export products are continually changing. The government's "Make in India" push, as well as its focus on high-tech sectors such as electronics and telecommunications, are projected to drastically alter the mix in the future. So, while identifying a single “top” export product from India may be difficult, the overall picture is one of diversification, expansion, and enormous promise. 

Hidden Potential of India's Top 10 Exports

India is a major exporter of a variety of goods around the world. According to India's export import data, the country is home to a varied spectrum of export commodities that are sought globally, ranging from textiles to automobiles. Now, we'll look at India's top 10 exports, most exported products from India or top 10 high-demand products for export in India.



Export Value (USD Billion)


Petroleum Products 



Gems and Jewellery  



Textiles and Garments 






Organic and Inorganic Chemicals


Machines and Equipment 



Iron and Steel   






Dairy Products   






1. Petroleum Products:

Petroleum Products

Fueling global economic growth, India's petroleum product exports rank second, accounting for roughly 10% of the overall export value. The industry provides a wide range of demands, from refined petroleum to petrochemicals, making India a trustworthy energy partner for several countries. With an emphasis on cleaner alternatives such as biofuels and green hydrogen, the future of this sector seems promising. Petroleum export products from India have found eager buyers in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and China. Demand for these products has been strong as countries seek reliable energy sources to power their economic expansion.

2. Gems and Jewellery: 

Gems and Jewellery

Adorned with the shining of diamonds and the attraction of precious stones, India's gems and jewellery industry shines brightly, accounting for around 13% of total exports. The craftsmanship passed down through the centuries, along with modern techniques, has pushed India to the leading edge of this field. Beyond the shining diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, there is a treasure trove of lesser-known gems, such as gemstones. Based on India export data, the United States, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom are among the leading destinations for India's magnificent jewellery exports.

3. Textiles and Garments: 

Textiles and Garments

With a rich tapestry of history and innovation, India's textile and garment industry weaves its enchantment around the world, accounting for around 7% of total exports. The country provides a variety of textiles and styles, ranging from the delicate silks of Benaras to the vivid handlooms of Odisha. India exports cotton, silk, wool, and jute textiles, as well as ready-made clothing such as shirts, trousers, and dresses.

4. Pharmaceuticals: 


India's pharmaceutical industry is truly a healer, exporting life-saving pharmaceuticals and medicines to more than 200 countries. This sector, which accounts for roughly 6% of total exports, has helped India establish itself as the "pharmacy of the world," delivering economical and high-quality healthcare solutions. With a strong R&D environment, the future holds the prospect of innovative discoveries and ongoing worldwide impact. Also, India exports a wide range of pharmaceutical items, including generic pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), vaccines, and biosimilars.

5. Organic and inorganic chemicals: 

Organic and inorganic chemicals

From the smallest molecule to the largest chemical reactions, India's organic and inorganic chemicals industry is also considered one of India’s top 10 exports products, accounting for around 5% of total exports. The extensive range of chemicals produced, which includes fertilizers and insecticides as well as industrial-grade chemicals and dyes, caters to the demands of agriculture, medicine, and other industries worldwide.

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6. Machines and equipment:

Machines and equipment

India is a significant exporter of machinery and mechanical appliances, accounting for more than 3% of total exports. A broad network of small and medium-sized firms that specialize in producing diverse machinery and mechanical appliances drives the sector. India exports a variety of products to many countries around the world, including machine tools, pumps, engines, and turbines.

7. Iron and steel:

Iron and steel

Indian iron and steel exports are considered among India’s top 10 exports. It also plays a significant role in the growth and development of construction industries around the world. India's exports reach all corners of the globe, with around 205 countries and territories actively acquiring iron and steel from the country. The European Union, the United States, China, and the Middle East are among the main importers. The overall value of total exports is staggering: $9 billion.

8. Vehicles:


India is a major exporter of vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles. The country's skilled workforce and low-cost production make it a vehicle manufacturing hub. India sells cars to several countries worldwide, including the United States, Europe, and Africa. Eximpedia is the finest platform to use if you need updated export import data or India’s top product HS codes. All important information and market updates are available with a simple click.

9. Dairy Products:

Dairy Products

India makes a lot of money by exporting dairy goods to other countries. Milk from Indicine cattle is in high demand in Western markets. The cost of items generated from these types of milk is typically four times that of local dairy products. Ghee, cheese, and curd are common ingredients in certain important Indian dairy exports. Dairy products are a highly profitable export possibility. 

10. Tea: 


Aromatic and warming tea exports from India tell a beautiful story, accounting for over 3% of the total export value. From the world-famous Darjeeling to the strong Assam, the country has a tea to suit every taste. The future of Indian tea promises a richer and more flavorful experience, with a rising emphasis on specialty teas and organic agriculture.

So, these are India's top 10 exports, as well as the major export products from India. However, if you are a trader and looking for reliable and updated India exports by country, most exported products from India or India top 10 export countries, you can easily connect with Eximpedia.app anytime. 

Now, we will discuss What India exports the most?

What India exports the most?

Let’s explore the bar graph for what does India export!

What India exports the most?

According to the most recent Indian Export Data for April-November 2023, petroleum products are India's top exported product category, valued at USD 15.5 billion. Here's a top export products from India.

  • Petroleum Products ($15.5 billion)

  • Gems & Jewellery ($10.2 billion)

  • Textiles and Garments ($6.8 billion)

  • Pharmaceuticals ($5.9 billion)

  • Organic and inorganic chemicals ($4.9 billion)

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Look into India Top 10 Exports 2024: Trends and Opportunities

Now explore India top 10 export countries!

India top 10 export countries: Trends and Opportunities

Based on India's top exports, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, China, Bangladesh, Singapore, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Germany, and Hong Kong. The Netherlands and Brazil surpassed their prior positions on India's list of export destinations between April and November 2022.

While the Netherlands is now India's third-biggest export destination, Brazil, which was India's twenty-first-largest export destination between April and October 2021, is now in eighth place.

India is working hard to broaden its export basket and minimize its reliance on old markets. Non-traditional markets such as Africa, Latin America, and Oceania are expected to grow.

How do you find global export data?

Global export data is the consolidated data gathered from shipping agencies and customs departments at ports worldwide. It included export data by country, product description, quantity, price, and harmonized code of the product. Several platforms provide India's top exports data, but one of the best market research platforms is Eximpedia.app.

Eximpedia is also one of the ultimate import export data providers globally. It provides trusted, reliable, and 100% genuine data as compared to its many competitors. 

Overall, India's export sector is showing signs of expansion and diversity. India can expand its position as a global trade leader by capitalizing on rising trends and addressing existing difficulties. However, if you have any queries regarding  India’s Top 10 Exports, Major exports of India or are looking What India exports the most, our dedicated experts are always ready to provide genuine reports. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Q1. Which countries are the primary recipients of India's top 10 exports?

According to export products from India, India's top 10 exports by value in 2022-23 and their primary recipients were:

  • Petroleum products: US, UAE, and Singapore.

  • Gems and jewellery: United States, Hong Kong, and the UAE.

  • Rice: Bangladesh, Nepal and Vietnam

  • Organic and inorganic chemicals: United States, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

  • Engineering goods: US, UAE, and Germany.

  • Electronics: US, Hong Kong, and UAE.

  • Cotton yarn and fabrics from Bangladesh, UAE, and Sri Lanka

  • Pharmaceuticals: USA, UK, and South Africa

  • Man-made fibres and yarns: Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh.

  • Iron and steel: Bangladesh, Nepal, and UAE.

Q2. What challenges and opportunities exist for India's top export sectors?

Challenges include infrastructure bottlenecks, high logistical costs, global trade disputes, shifting currency rates, and competition from other emerging economies.

Opportunities include focusing on quality and innovation, implementing sustainable practices, utilising free trade agreements, harnessing digital technology, and expanding into new markets.

Eximpedia.app can help you overcome difficulties by offering India exports by country and finding reliable suppliers for logistics or you can easily locate which product India export most or top export products from India.

Q3. How does the global economic scenario impact India's top exports?

Global economic slowdown: Lower demand in major importing countries may have an impact on export volumes and prices.

Commodity price fluctuations: Volatility in raw material prices such as oil and metals can have an impact on exports of products that rely on these resources.

Trade policies: Key trading partners' protectionist practices can impede market access.

Eximpedia.app offers global trade data and India imports by country to help you stay informed and provide updated statistics on top export products from India

Q4. How does Eximpedia.app find potential international buyers for my products?

Eximpedia.app provides a variety of tools and resources to assist you with market research and buyer discovery.

  • Trade data insights: Get detailed export-import data for specific products and countries.

  • Buyer directories: Connect with possible buyers in your target markets.

  • HS Codes: Obtain India’s top product HS codes on a single dashboard.

  • Industry reports and analyses: Keep up to current with market developments and competition activities.

Consult Eximpedia's trade experts for personalized help. By leveraging Export Import Trade Data, you can identify which product India export most, top export products from India promising markets, understand buyer preferences, and connect with the right partners to take your exports to the next level.

Q5. What India exports the most?

According to most current Indian Export Data for April-November 2023, petroleum products are India's biggest exported product category, worth USD 15.5 billion. Here is a breakdown of the India's top export:  

  • Petroleum Products ($15.5 Billion)

  • Gems and Jewellery ($10.2 billion).

  • Textiles & Garments ($6.8 billion).

  • Pharmaceuticals ($ 5.9 billion)

  • Organic and inorganic chemicals totaled $4.9 billion. 

Q6. Which product India export most?

India's petroleum product( ($15.5 Billion) exports rank second, accounting for roughly 10% of the overall export value. The industry provides a wide range of demands, from refined petroleum to petrochemicals, making India a trustworthy energy partner for several countries.

Most exported products from India

Major exports of India: textiles and Garments

Major exports of India: Gems and Jewellery

Major exports of India: Petroleum Products


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