Identify Ideal Buyers and Suppliers with India's Import-Export Data

Updated: 20-Mar-2024
Identify Ideal Buyers and Suppliers with India's Import-Export Data

International trade is huge and full of possibilities. Obtaining a stable position in any industry is difficult, but nothing is impossible. However, good navigation demands keen focus. India has a large import and export sector. At any given time, thousands of products are imported into and exported from India. Finding the right consumers for your exports or dependable suppliers for your imports can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, import export data India provides a great tool for streamlining the process and connecting you with the ideal business partner.

If you wish to start or are already in the Indian import-export trade industry, Eximpedia will certainly help you with updated India export import data. In this comprehensive blog, we will discover buyers and suppliers data, India exporters data, India importers data, and much more.

Do you understand why people chose India to expand their trade businesses? Let’s discuss buyers and suppliers in India!

Why is India best for international business?

Global trade is critical to India's economic growth and development. India benefits greatly from international trade and commercial alliances, given its large consumer market, various industries, and continually changing corporate landscape.

India’s economic landscape is backed by enormous numbers: a $2.9 trillion GDP, a 1.3 billion population, and a digital user base that’s predicted to exceed 900 million by 2025.

But what does this mean for your business, and why should you grow into India?

Economic Growth & Stability in India

  • Steady GDP growth: India's GDP has steadily increased, making it one of the world's fastest-growing major economies.
  • Stable economic policies: The Indian government has implemented several measures to boost the ease of doing business.

Growth in India’s Merchandise Imports and Exports 

Let’s explore the graph first!

buyers and suppliers data

Now let’s explore India’s buyers and suppliers data!

  • As per India Exporters Data, India's exports of products increased by 3.12% in January 2024, to USD 36.92 billion, over USD 35.80 billion in January 2023.
  • Based on India Importers Data, in January 2024, merchandise imports totaled USD 54.41 billion, compared to USD 52.83 billion in January 2023.

According to buyers and suppliers data, the merchandise trade deficit for April-January 2023-24 was estimated at USD 207.20 billion, compared to USD 229.37 billion in April-January 2022-23.


Buyers and Suppliers data (USD Billion)Merchandise Imports (USD Billion)Trade Deficit (USD Billion)
Jan 202436.9254.41-17.49
Jan 202335.852.83NAN

Now, dive into India’s buyers and suppliers data for 2023-24!

India's buyers and suppliers data for 2023-24

Imports are goods or services obtained from one country to another, whereas exports are commodities and services created in one country and sold to other markets. Thus, whether you're importing or exporting a commodity (or both) is determined by your approach to the transaction.

  • In FY23, India achieved a new high for annual merchandise exports, totaling US$450 billion,as per Indian exporters data. 
  • Despite this progress, the trade deficit widened to $263 billion as exports stagnated in comparison to strong import growth.

India's buyers and suppliers data

  • While the previous year's high base hindered export growth in FY23, sluggish export demand and mounting recession fears had a significant influence on India's top exports.
  • According to import export data India, India's December goods imports reached $58.25 billion, with exports totaling $38.45 billion. 
  • As per buyers and suppliers data, the country's merchandise trade deficit was $19.8 billion, down from $23.14 billion the previous year in December 2023.

Know the updated List of Major Trading Partners of India

Now explore the Top 10 Exports and Imports of India!

Top Exports of India

Now let's take a look at India's top 10 exports, the most exported products from India, and the top 10 high-demand products for export from India. 

  1. Petroleum Products 
  2. Gems and Jewellery  
  3. Textiles and Garments 
  4. Pharmaceuticals  
  5. Organic and Inorganic Chemicals
  6. Machines and Equipment 
  7. Iron and Steel   
  8. Vehicles   
  9. Dairy Products   
  10. Tea   

India is a big exporter of a wide range of items throughout the world. According to India Exporters Data, the country produces a wide range of export commodities that are in high demand around the world, including textiles and automobiles. However, if you need the updated India Exporters Data or buyers and suppliers data, connect with, where you can gain free import export data online and global market insights instantly. 

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Top Imports of India

Now let's take a look at India's top 10 imports, the most imported products from India, and the top 10 high-demand products for import in India. 

  1. Petroleum Oils and Mineral Fuels
  2. Gold
  3. Electrical Machinery and Equipment
  4. Nuclear Reactors and Machinery
  5. Mineral Ores and Metals
  6. Organic Chemicals
  7. Plastics and Articles
  8. Machinery Parts and Accessories
  9. Iron and Steel
  10. Medical, Surgical, and Pharmaceutical Products

According to India importers data, electronics, machinery, chemicals, and medicines are among India's most important Chinese imports. India's significant imports from the United States include oil and gas, machinery, and chemicals. India's key imports from the UAE include gold, diamonds, and crude oil. 

However, if you require the most recent India exporters data, India importers data or  buyers and suppliers data, connect with and obtain free import export data online right away. 

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Now, Look at the ways to find updated buyers and suppliers data!

How to find ideal buyers and suppliers globally?

Here's a steps to finding the top buyers and suppliers for your global business:

  1. Supplier and Buyers Search: Eximpedia helps you find suppliers and buyers based on specified parameters such as product category, country, firm name, product category, and HS code in the "Import Export Data Bank. This allows you to filter down your selections and choose users who fit your unique needs.
  2. Verified Supplier & buyers Data: delivers verifiable information on suppliers or buyers, such as an accurate buyers list, suppliers list, custom data, specific HS codes, and much more. This assures that you are dealing with a reliable, data-driven dashboard that reduces the risk. Also, Eximpedia ensures that the supplier and buyers data you receive is correct, up to date, and properly validated.
  3. Competitive Analysis: Eximpedia provides a thorough examination of price, market trends, and suppliers and buyers performance. This information allows you to compare vendors and make more educated selections. Choose the correct supplier and buyers to ensure that your items are of high quality and shipped on time.  Keep ahead of the competition by taking advantage of our market research platform.
  4. Selection of potential suppliers and buyers: To ensure that you may continue global trading without experiencing any obstacles, we further refine the selection through our dashboard to find only the best option for you. Our purpose is to provide our clients with the best suppliers and buyers list available. Once you've identified potential partners, delve deeper. Eximpedia provides details like suppliers and buyers data, company size, contact information, past import/export activities, product HS codes, and much more. connects you to a world of opportunities, but how do you select the right partners among them? Visit our platform today and gain the global market insight without any hustle and bustle. 


India's import export data is a goldmine for enterprises trying to broaden their horizons in the global market. By carefully utilizing India Exporters Data and India Importers Data and adhering to suitable due diligence standards, you may connect with ideal consumers and suppliers, propelling your firm to worldwide success.

However, the entire globe watches as India expands its wings, charting a course for economic prosperity and global leadership in the years to come.  So, if you have any questions about import export data India or buyers and suppliers data, please contact Eximpedia's data experts and book a free live demo now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the export statistics of India?

According to India export data, India's merchandise exports in 2021-22 (April-January) totalled USD 335.44 billion, up 46.53% from USD 228.9 billion in 2020-21 (April-January) and 27.0% from USD 264.13 billion in 2019-20 (April-January).

Q2. Which is India's highest exporting category?

India is a large exporter of petroleum products, such as refined petroleum, naphtha, and liquefied petroleum gas. Indeed, petroleum products are India's largest export, accounting for more than 14% of the country's total export value, according to Indian export import data.

Q3. What are the top 5 exporters of India?

According to buyers and suppliers data, the India's biggest exports include refined petroleum ($86.2 billion), diamonds ($25.9 billion), packaged medicines ($19.5 billion), jewellery ($12.6 billion), and rice ($11.1 billion), with the majority going to the United States ($82.9 billion), United Arab Emirates ($31.6 billion), the Netherlands ($17.6 billion), China ($15.3 billion), and Bangladesh ($13.8 billion).

Q4. What is India export to the USA?

India–United States In 2022, India exported $82.9 billion to the United States. India's biggest exports to the United States are diamonds ($9.75 billion), packaged medicines ($7.54 billion), and refined petroleum ($4.87 billion).

Q5. Which food product is most exported from India?

India actually has two serious rivals for the title of the most exported food item:

Basmati Rice: India is the world's leading producer and exporter of basmati rice, a long-grain fragrant variety valued for its flavour and texture.

Cereals: India leads the way in cereal exports, including not just rice but also wheat, other grains, and processed cereal items such as flour and breakfast cereals.

Q6. Who is India's biggest importer?

The majority of India's imports came from China, accounting for more than 15% of total imports in fiscal year 2022, with the United Arab Emirates coming in second at more than 7%. During the same period, India's primary export destination was the United States.

Q7. What is the percentage of imports in India?

India's exports and imports of goods and services as a proportion of GDP are 21.51% and 24.15%, respectively.

Q8. Who is the richest importer in the world?

According to India importers data, With $3.4 trillion in imports in 2022, the United States is the world's largest importer.

Q9. Where can I find import data?

To find the accurate and updated import data, you can visit to and analyze the global trade data for 100+ countries. 


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