How to Identify Spirulina Importers and Buyers for Expanding Your Market Reach?

Updated: 29-Nov-2023
How to Identify Spirulina Importers and Buyers for Expanding Your Market Reach?

The nutrient-rich blue-green algae spirulina has become famous for its many uses and health advantages. For a spirulina supplier or manufacturer, expanding into new markets is crucial to company expansion. Reaching out to importers and purchasers of Spirulina is an essential first step in growing your business. This blog will examine practical methods for finding possible spirulina industry importers and purchasers.

Is the spirulina business profitable?

Yes, the spirulina industry may be lucrative. According to Market Research Future, the worldwide spirulina market is estimated to reach $1.14 billion by 2030. It represents a 9.28% CAGR from 2022 to 2030. A variety of factors are driving the market's expansion.

  • Increasing consumer awareness of the health benefits of Spirulina
  • Increasing demand for natural and organic products
  • Growing popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets

The global spirulina market is predicted to increase, although North America is expected to remain the largest. This is owing to the region's well-developed healthcare industry, prominent manufacturers, and the high rate of spirulina use.

What is the Market demand for Spirulina?

Spirulina is a form of blue-green algae that is highly healthy and has been utilized as a food source in many parts of the world for ages. Because of its high concentration of essential elements, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it is currently regarded as a superfood.

As per the global trade data, the Global Spirulina Market is estimated at USD 542.52 Million in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 1129.55 Million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 9.60% during the forecast period.

The Spirulina Market is expanding rapidly due to several major factors. The rising demand for natural ingredients, combined with significant investments in R&D for industrial Spirulina products, has moved this industry forward. Looking ahead to 2030, it is projected that the powder category will account for more than 29% of Spirulina sales. The following companies are significant players in the worldwide spirulina market:

  • Earthrise Nutritionals
  • Parry Nutraceuticals
  • Cyanotech Corporation
  • DIC Corporation
  • Dohler
  • E.I.D. Parry Limited (India)
  • Givaudan International SA (Switzerland)
  • Prologue Supplies Pvt. Ltd. (China)
  • Pond Technologies Inc. (Canada)

These players are investing in R&D to improve the quality and output of Spirulina. To reach new markets, they are also expanding their distribution networks. If you are a trader looking for updated and reliable Spirulina Importers, you can connect with

Understanding the Spirulina Import Market

According to Spirulina import data, the global Spirulina import market is estimated to reach $1.14 billion by 2030. It represents a 9.28% CAGR from 2022 to 2030. Here is an overview of spirulina import data for 2022:

Overview of Global Spirulina Imports

  • Spirulina powder imports were 4.7K shipments worldwide in 2022.
  • The United States (1,902 shipments), France (201 shipments), and Vietnam (184 shipments) were the top three importers of spirulina powder.
  • China (1,013 shipments), Taiwan (925 shipments), and India (472 shipments) were the top three suppliers of spirulina powder.

The spirulina import market will likely expand more in the following years, owing to the causes above. Spirulina demand will likely increase, putting upward pressure on prices, although market growth is expected to be good overall.

Which countries import Spirulina?

Based on Spirulina Importers Data, the top 10 countries that import Spirulina are:

  1. United States. (1902) Shipments
  2. France. (201) Shipments 
  3. Vietnam. (184) Shipments
  4. India. (162) Shipments
  5. Bangladesh. (153) Shipments
  6. The Netherlands. (136) Shipments
  7. South Korea. (136) Shipments
  8. Germany. (128) Shipments

The United States is the world's top spirulina importer, accounting for 40% of global imports. It is attributable to various factors, including the increasing popularity of Spirulina as a health food and the growing desire for natural and organic products. France is the second largest spirulina importer, accounting for 10% of global imports as per spirulina buyers list . If you need an updated list of significant spirulina importers, please visit

Key Trends and Opportunity and Challenges in Spirulina Market

According to Vantage Market Research (VMR), numerous notable trends are on the horizon in the Spirulina sector. One significant direction is related to the thriving health and wellness industry. The global nutritional, herbal, and vitamin supplements (VMHS) market is expanding steadily.

Furthermore, VMR anticipates that increased demand from a wide range of end-use sectors will be a long-term trend in the Spirulina business. Spirulina's popularity is being pushed by the growing demand for natural food supplements and its extensive use in the food, beverage, and biotechnology industries. This diverse demand is driving the global Spirulina market forward.

Challenges such as climate change, transportation costs, and lack of market information., inadequate supplier and buyer information, HS codes, and export import data, traders need help with the Spirulina import procedure. It is advisable to obtain the relevant Spirulina import export data from a reputed data-driven platform. One of the best market research platforms is, where you can get the most accurate and updated market insights.

How to find buyers or Importers of Spirulina?

Visit Eximpedia's data-driven dashboard to analyze global buyers and suppliers of Spirulina. It would be beneficial. Eximpedia is a portal that provides export import trade data that delivers accurate, up-to-date, and authentic information about global commerce for over 100 countries. We also offer export-import trade data and an up-to-date spirulina buyers list, among other things.

To summarize, the spirulina import industry is a dynamic and expanding sector. Importers who can get high-quality Spirulina from reliable sources while adhering to the regulatory framework will fare well in this market. Increase your chances of success in the global Spirulina import market by seeking advice from export and import market experts. Feel free to contact for any queries related to HS codes, export-import data, or Spirulina importers data. Our experts will guide you to the best of their knowledge and expertise. Book a free live demo today!


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