How Global Trade Data can help in Export Import Business?

Updated: 07-Jun-2023
How Global Trade Data can help in Export Import Business?

As we know, import and export data plays a vital role in the international trade market. It is highly depends upon the accuracy and authenticity of the statistics. Traders all around the world looking for the most updated data. The EximPedia platform is an excellent way to analyze global trade data correctly. In the last two blogs, we understand the history, export-import business ideas, and how to start export-import business ideas. In this blog, we will discuss the platforms where you can obtain reliable global trade data quickly.

Let’s discuss global trade data!

What is Global Trade Data?

Global trade data refers to information and statistics related to international trade activities between countries. Also, global trade is often arranged by period, nation, and commodity (using HS codes). Trade data may be used to determine the supply and demand for specific commodities in specific nations, which is helpful for both analysts and businesses looking for suppliers and buyers. Trade statistics can show global trade patterns in general and how they affect different areas and industries. Globally trading is the business of moving goods into and out of a nation on a worldwide scale.

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However, Global Trade Data keeps importer names, exporter’s names, good descriptions, HS Code, quantity, date of shipments, etc. There are numerous data provider companies in the market, but is one of the best websites for traders who are indulging in the export-import market industry.  We have USA Import Data, India Import Export Data, Indonesia Import Export Data, and much more.  Also, View sample global import export data.

How does International Trade Data help your businesses to Grow?

Global Trade data plays a crucial role in conducting successful export-import business. It provides valuable information and insights that can help businesses make informed decisions, identify market opportunities, and mitigate risks. Here are some ways trade data can assist in export-import business:

  • MARKET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: Trade data allows businesses to identify potential markets for their products or services. By analyzing import and export data, companies can understand market trends, demand patterns, and competition in various countries.
  • COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: You may monitor your competition at all times by analyzing their shipping records to determine what their current workflows and timetables are accommodating if you have a clear and concise reporting system.
  • TRENDS AND FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES: The coverage area enables us to forecast which commodities will have the highest buying/selling worth as well as which businesses would be trusted with such priceless goods.
  • IDENTIFYING NEW SUPPLIERS AND PARTNERS: Global Trade data provides information about the origin of imported goods, helping businesses identify potential suppliers or partners. By analyzing import data, companies can find reliable and cost-effective sources for their raw materials or finished products.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT AND MITIGATION: Export Import Trade data provides information about the stability and reliability of potential trading partners. By examining import and export data, businesses can assess the financial health of companies they plan to engage with. 

Overall, international trade data is a valuable resource that empowers businesses to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, mitigate risks, and optimize their operations in the global marketplace. By leveraging EximPedia data effectively, companies can expand their customer base, enhance competitiveness, and drive sustainable growth.

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What is the Best Global Trade Database?

As we discuss the global trade database, there are so many platforms that provide international statistics globally. The best database for you will depend on your specific requirements and preferences. Here are a few popular options like WTO where you can obtain the export-import data but, is one of the best global trade databases as it has comprehensive trade data coverage. Also, it provides up-to-date critical import/export data with graphical reporting for clients. 
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What is EximPedia?

EximPedia is a dashboard containing export-import statistics from over 100+ countries and several analyst reports. By using the online import export data dashboard of all countries, you can strengthen your Exim business. We offer all the reports and analyses you require in clear visualization. EximPedia provides World Trade Data by HS Code and Import Export Data Worldwide to assist businesses in growing their global operations. We regularly update the data with all the most recent market information. We also offer:

  1. Live Screen Support
  2. Export Import Trade Data for 100+ country
  3. Best Market Analysis Report
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  5. Compressive Global Trade Data


Now that you’ve reached the end of our How global trade data can help in Export Import Business, what do you think? in my opinion, Global Trade statistics are crucial in the market for international trade as it heavily depends on the statistics' veracity and accuracy. However, if you have any query related to export import trade data or require any business advice, connect with professionals to learn more about export import real-time market insights to enhance your business in the international market. Get in touch right away to begin your import-export journey! Thank You!


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