Export Import Made Very Easy - Get Import Export Data from Eximpedia

Updated: 09-Aug-2022
Export Import Made Very Easy - Get Import Export Data from Eximpedia

Eximpedia is the most entrusted import export data provider that aspires to provide accurate import and export data that may be valuable in luring awareness among target markets and potential buyers through consultants and advisors. It furnishes a creative strategy for information that helps you to make further business development and evolution with leading confidence. It also provides comprehensive services, from global trade data to answers for further business development and evolution needs in global trade and customs. Through this article, we aim to guide brief information about the export-import business.

What is Export and Import Business?

An import is a process of acquiring or obtaining goods from abroad for trade. These goods can be obtained by individuals, companies or the government, and are utilised for the processing of other products or to be resold to the final customers. Exports are services and commodities that are assembled in one country and sold to purchasers in another. When the value of a country’s imports surpasses the value of its exports, the result is an impact on the trade balance, often known as a trade deficit.

Documents required for starting Import Export Business 

  • Company Registration - Initially you have to register your business. It does not matter if it's an LLP, a sole proprietorship, a private limited company or a partnership firm. For the company registration procedure, you have to hire a proficient lawyer. Also, you are required to get the GST Registration.
  • Business Set-Up – It is one of the necessary steps which a business requires to perform before acquiring any other document for import-export business. This document there will contain data related to the company name, Logo, and type of company.
  • Create a Website - A networked import/export firm cannot exist without a website or a forum. Get yourself a platform that will permit you to specify an online presence and expand your business. To boost profits for your international business, you must balance the flow of communication, sell goods online (or offline), and expand your customer base.
  • Bank Account – The business requires to open a current account for import-export of goods or services.
  • PAN Card for the business – It is essential for every business to have a PAN card before starting an Import-Export Business.
  • Import Export Code (IEC) issued – To start an Import-Export Business in India it is mandatory for businesses to achieve an Import-Export Code.
  • Registration cum Membership Certificate – After getting the IEC (Import Export Code), you must obtain an RCMC from the relevant Export Promotion Councils in order to acquire authorization to import and export, as well as for any other essentials.

Import and Export Business Ideas

Importing and exporting goods and services is an important part of a country's economy; a country’s economy cannot grow independently without foreign trade. Once one has earned experience in import and export, there are numerous import-export business opportunities to pursue. Some of the most profitable import-export business ideas are as follows:

Export Business Ideas:


  1. Online Retail:
    Amazon, Flipkart and other online markets have been the norm for a while now. Exporting firms can register as vendors and communicate with customers worldwide. The internet performs as a means of bridging the distance between exporters and consumers.
  2. Niche Markets:
    Niche market exporting is another form to export goods and services. Every country has its tradition and culture. So, there is a massive demand for the country's handicrafts products in the market. It is highly beneficial but riskier at the same time. A niche market does not signify a small market. It targets a distinctive audience with specific products and offerings.
  3. Clothing business:
    The clothing business is another best export business idea to commence worldwide. If you create a knack for monitoring trends or even detecting future trends, you can improve your chances of choosing a winner. Starting at ground level and importing or selling goods before it becomes national best-seller might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  4. Jewellery business:
    The jewellery business is also a good export business idea to commence. Jewellery is in high demand in India as it is utilised in various traditions and cultures. It is a promising business idea, and you can start it from your home and do not require a large space.

Import business ideas

There are various product possibilities to consider for import:

  1. Leather products:
    The global industry has been exporting leather products such as handbags, wallets, toys and belts for years. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have been doing skilfully in this sector already. India quickly became a significant global medical device supplier, and Indian manufacturers have earned a reputation for quality and trustworthiness.
  2. Medical supplies:
    Medical supplies are diverse in different countries. It is important to diversify the range of medical supplies and adopt technologically advanced medicines to treat various diseases. So, importing medical supplies can be favourably beneficial.
  3. Electronics:
    The use of electronic items has grown immensely over the past decades. Each year, Indians import electronic items worth billions of dollars. The demand is increasing every day. So, it is an excellent import business idea to start in India.
  4. Heavy machinery:
    Machinery is another superior import business idea. Importers of machinery obtain several benefits for import heavy machinery products. Heavy machinery is utilised for construction and industrialisation. Prevalence of the heavy machinery is imported from Japan and China to India.

Global Trade Data for Import Export Business

Export and import of the product from one country to the country at the world level are considered a global trading business. Statistical report of global products exported and imported by a country known as global trade data for that country. Global trade data assists the international importers and exporters in doing market research and analysis. EximPedia is favourably specialized in furnishing export import data, foreign trade data and global trade data services and serves the most raised aspiration of the consumer and their business requirement.

Our highly experienced technical team has more than decades of expertise in data mining and data processing. We are skilled in delivering the most accurate systematic global export-import statistics that allow you to expand ongoing trade inflow and suitable market positions across India and around the globe. If you are looking for trusted Global Trade Data, Eximpedia can be of your most satisfactory service provider. Reach info@eximpedia.app today and get well-organized data in a structured way. 


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