Agri Products Exports from India 2023-24: A Comprehensive Analysis

Updated: 24-Apr-2024
Agri Products Exports from India 2023-24: A Comprehensive Analysis

Key Summary:

  • India is a major international producer of spices, tea, grains, legumes, sugar, fruits, vegetables, and rice.
  • As per, Agri products export data, agricultural exports totaled USD 53.1 billion in fiscal year 2022–2023.
  • Based on agriculture export data from India, the top agriculture products export from India include basmati rice, other rice, sugar, spices, and buffalo meat.
  • According to agri products export statistics, the top export destinations are the United States, Bangladesh, and China.
  • Cereals and pulses are among the top agri products export from India, along with tobacco, nuts, seeds, and oils.
  • As per agri products import data, agriculture and associated imports increased by 50.56% in 2021-22.
  • To meet the projected demand, it is expected that food production will increase by 68% by 2050.

As we know, India is an agricultural country that ranks second in global agriculture production. Also, India is well-known for growing a vast range of agricultural commodities that are exported to countries worldwide. Spices, tea, grains, legumes, sugar, fruits, vegetables, and Indian rice varieties are among the most popular agricultural products exported from India.

In terms of exports, India's agricultural exports comprised USD 53.1 billion in the fiscal year 2022–23. In this blog post, we will examine why agricultural commodities are rising. We also look at the comprehensive list of agriculture products export from India, including current market insights like agri products export data, agri exporters in India, and much more.

Agri Export Business in India

India, a region renowned for its green fields and robust agricultural traditions, has served as a breeding ground for cultivation for millennia. India's rural wealth has sustained populations and driven trade from ancient spice routes to the present global market.

Today, this rich tradition has resulted in a thriving agri products export business, establishing India as a significant player on the global stage. This sector, supported by various crops, proactive government efforts, and enormous growth potential, provides exciting prospects for established enterprises and prospective entrepreneurs. To know the actual shipments of agriculture products export from India, visit Eximpedia today and obtain updated agri products export data.

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Overview of Agri Products Export from India

India, a land of thriving agriculture, has emerged as an established player in the global export market for agricultural goods. This overview delves into the essential features of India's rural agri products export business.

Production of Agri Products: 

  • The country is a significant producer of agricultural and food items worldwide. As per India Trade Data, India's agriculture sector is expected to grow by 3.5% in 2022-23, up from 3.0% in 2021-22. 
  • Agriculture and related activities' gross value added (GVA) increased by a target of 4% in 2022-23.
  • During 2022-23, India's tea production was 1,374.9 million metric tons. Coffee production during the same period reached 352.0 million metric tons. Other crops, including rice, wheat, maize, legumes, mustard, and sugarcane, saw record yields.
  • India's leading crop-producing states are West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Chhattisgarh.

Export figure of agri last 5 years

Agriculture products export from India: 

  • Based on Agri products export data, India's agricultural exports reached USD 53.1 billion In the fiscal period 2022-23
  • Fresh fruits emerged as the best performer, with a staggering 29% increase. Furthermore, processed vegetable exports increased by 24% during the period, with miscellaneous processed goods, such as Basmati Rice and Fresh Vegetables, all seeing a significant rise compared to last year.
  • Several essential commodities experienced significant growth compared to the previous year between April and November 2023, including bananas (63%), lentils (dry and shelled) (110%), fresh eggs (160%), and Kesar and Dasheri mangoes (120% and 140%).
  • Notably, India's fresh fruit export footprint has grown significantly, with 111 countries being served, up from 102 the previous year.
  • As per India agri export data, Rice is India's most extensive exported agricultural product, accounting for more than 19% of farm exports in 2021-22.
  • As per agriculture import export statistics India, Sugar, spices, and buffalo meat are among the top agriculture products exported from India, accounting for 9%, 8%, and 7% of agriculture exports in 2021-22, respectively. 

Top agri Products Export from India

India's agricultural exports are an evolving array that caters to a wide range of global tastes. Here's a look at the top agriculture products export from India:

S.NoAgriculture products export from IndiaAgriculture Export Data of India
(USD Million)
1Rice -Basmati3,971.12
2Rice(Other Than basmati)3,347.47
5Tobacco( Manufactured)287.97
7Sesame Seeds390.08
9Vegetable Oils265.69
10Other Cereals454.6

Compared to the previous year (2020–21), Agri and allied imports in 2021–22 climbed by 50.56% to Rs 239189.50 crore. The increase in the value of Agri and Allied imports during 2020–21 was primarily due to the rise in imports of vegetable oil (72.34%), fresh fruits (16.35%), pulses (39.29%), spices (20.00%), and cashew (24.66%).

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So, these are the top agriculture products export from India. However, India is a crucial contributor to the global agricultural export market, with rice leading the way. Basmati rice is the country's leading agricultural export, closely followed by other types of rice. Other significant sources include legumes, wheat, and synthetic tobacco.

The list also contains oilseeds such as sesame and peanuts, vegetable oils, and grains. India's agricultural sector has the potential for continued export development. Also, if you want updated agri products export data, India agri export data or the best agri product for export from India , connect with the Eximpedia app.

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Export Destination Of India’s Agri Products

The top destinations for India's agri products export, encompassing various countries.

S.NoMajor Importers of Indian Agri ProductsImport Values
1United States$5.7 billion
2Bangladesh$ 3.8 billion
3China$2.3 billion
4United Arab Emirates$ 2.3 billion
5Indonesia$ 1.5 billion

The main importers of Indian agricultural products are the United States, Bangladesh, China, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nepal, and Malaysia. Korea, Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom are the remaining importers.

countrywise share of export

During 2021-22, the United States was the top buyer of Indian agricultural products, accounting for $5.7 billion and 11.5% of total exports. As per agri products export data, Bangladesh is the largest importer of agricultural and allied products, at US$ 3.8 billion, followed by the UAE at US$ 2.3 billion. The United States and China are critical importers of India's marine products.

Future Outlook for India's Agri Products

To feed a growing global population, estimates show we need to boost food production by up to 68% by 2050. And that isn't the only difficulty; the middle-class population is expanding, which often leads to increasing demand for meat over cereals, lentils and wheat. 

Agriculture is crucial to India's economic development. Agriculture and allied sector activities employ roughly 54.6% of the workforce and generate 17.8% of the country's gross value added. However, embracing new agricultural technologies may help the agriculture business decrease its environmental impact while increasing output.

How to find agri exporters in India?

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Final Words

In conclusion, India has developed as a significant player in the global agricultural sector, particularly in the rice trade. Its agricultural goods' outstanding variety and quality position the country as a prominent player worldwide. Government-led strategic initiatives strengthen India's standing by emphasizing sustainability and innovation.

However, if you require assistance locating the best agri product for export from India or agri products export data, please get in touch with at any time. Our dedicated data experts are always available to respond to your requests for product and country-specific data. To set up a free live demo, register here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the top 10 agricultural products?

The top agricultural products are: Rice -Basmati, rice (other than basmati), Pulses, Wheat and Tobacco( Manufactured)

Q2. What is the most exported agricultural product?

As per agriculture products export data, rice is India's biggest exported agricultural product, accounting for more than 19% of overall agricultural exports in 2021-22.

Q3. What are the top 10 agricultural products exported from India?

Based on agric products export data, rice -Basmati, than basmati), pulses, wheat, tobacco (manufactured), cashew, sesame seeds, groundnut, vegetable oils, and cereals are the top agri products exports from India.

Q4. How to find the top agri products exporters?

To find out agri agricultural product exporters, you need to visit and explore the global trade data without any hurdles. 

Q5. What are the current agricultural exports of India?

Rice, sugar, and spices have seen considerable increases in area coverage and production rates. India has evolved as a key agricultural exporter of rice, spices, cotton, oil meal cake, castor oil, coffee, cashews, tea, fresh vegetables, and sugar.

Q6. How can I export agri products from India?

There are several things to consider before exporting agri products from India, You need to obtain current market insights like agri products export data, a list agri products export from India, major agri products exporters, and much more.

Q7. What is India's total agri export?

As per agric products export data, the country's overall agricultural exports in 2021-22 were US$ 49.6 billion, up 20% from US$ 41.3 billion in 2020-21.


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